Shed Burglary

Shed Burglary

by McGuire


OK. I had read that the cost of all the D.I.Y. tools that a person is apt to keep at home can total up to a surprising amount. I may even have read about that on this site.

But you know what, I obviously did not think about that too much because I kept all my bits and pieces of equipment in an unlocked shed of all things. Not now though.

They got swiped, well it was going to happen wasn’t it. The shed did have a padlock but it had busted, so it was just hooked in to keep the door closed. I guess I can count myself lucky that the crook did not use some of those tools to break in my house, or my garage which would not have taken much doing.

I have insurance, that turned out a blessing. Even taking out the deductible it was still worth making a claim.

There is no way that I can keep most of those tools in the house, it has to be the shed. But now they are going to have to work a lot harder if they want to break in to it. Should they get in, they will find that all my tools, garden tools and D.I.Y. tools are secured in some way. I got myself a large steel locker and secured it to the floor. It is surprising what I can get in there if I pack it right. Larger stuff is secured together by steel cable.

All this does not mean that someone can’t swipe my stuff again but they are not going to be allowed to just walk in and take it.

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Dec 09, 2011

When the insurance does not pay.

by: Anonymous

It never fails to amaze me how lax people are with their sheds or backyard workshops. Silly little locks or no lock at all, windows that just push open. I’ve known people to have a large shed full of expensive equipment right at the end of their yard away from the house. They could be at home while some jerk is emptying their shed and would not know a thing. It’s only when their insurance refuses to pay out a claim they decide to do something about it.

Apr 02, 2010

Shock of the cost of replacement.

by: Martin (Editor)


We usually obtain our collection of tools item by item over the years. It is when we have to replace those tools all at once that the shock of the cost of replacement hits us.

Theft from gardens and sheds is pretty rampant. If a thief thinks he will have difficulty burglarizing a house he may turn to the shed which is usually less protected.

Good for you for beefing up your shed security. In addition you may want to consider an alarm.

Martin (Editor)

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