Self Defense Techniques : Prevention is effective.

Self Defense Techniques

Of all self defense techniques, perhaps the technique of prevention is the most effective of all.

Fact – If you can prevent getting yourself into a situation you will not need to get out of it!

Life is not perfect so you cannot always avoid being in places, or
situations, where you are at an increased risk of being assaulted or
attacked. But with a little thought you can reduce the likelihood of
ever being in circumstances where you need to defend yourself.

Hardening your home against home invasion is preferable to being at the mercy of, or defending yourself and your family against home invaders.

Likewise, avoiding
being in neighborhoods that you know to be, or suspect to be, dangerous
can reduce the risk of attack.

Keep in mind though, there
is no such thing as an absolutely safe neighborhood. Parking with security in mind can also help keep you safe.

Being aware of
your surroundings and of who is around you can help prevent you being
singled out as a victim. When walking, walk confidently and assuredly,
but not so hurriedly that you appear to be nervous.

Take notice of anything your instincts are telling you, your instinct will be right most of the time.

Should you find yourself in a locality that you feel is dangerous, or circumstances that make you feel uncomfortable, then get away as soon as practicable.

If you can, avoid walking out alone. It’s a fact groups are are safest, even being with one other person will make you safer.

But don’t let being in company seduce you into being lax about watching out for your safety.

Self Defense Techniques – Get Yourself Away From Danger.

 walking alone
Choose where you walk alone carefully.

When appropriate, never dismiss the option of running from your
attacker, there is nothing cowardly about getting yourself away from

walking alone
Choose where you walk alone carefully.

It is not always possible to run but, when it is run towards other people.

Shout, scream, do anything to attract attention as you head away from the situation.

Attention, from other people, is the last thing an assailant wants.

there are no pedestrians around but there are houses, run up and bang
noisily on a door yelling at the same time.

Do whatever it takes to either get
someone to the door or get the house lights turned on.

Personal alarms are very effective in drawing attention if used correctly, they are also often effective in frightening off attackers.

What if running is not possible.

What if your assailant, or assailants,
have you cornered, perhaps in your home?

What if there is nobody around
to run towards, or the attacker is young and fit and you are not?

If you cannot get yourself away from the assault you have two
choices, fight or submit. All situations are different, but submitting
to an attacker’s demands may be the most sensible option.

Ask yourself, is it worth getting yourself hurt, perhaps seriously, for your wallet or purse?

Of course, submitting without a fight may not be the best option for you
in all cases. Nobody can say you are wrong to either submit or resist,
it depends on you and your feelings and upon what it is that is under

Always remember though that money and things of monetary value
can be replaced, your life cannot be replaced.

Self Defense Methods – When You Have to Fight Back.

You’ve watched a martial arts movie, the hero takes out a half dozen bad
guys within 30 seconds with a series of well placed flying kicks.
Unfortunately life is not the movies!

Yes, learning self defense techniques can be invaluable for situations
where you have no choice but to fight back. But even then the aim of
fighting back should not be to teach your attacker a lesson, however much he may deserve it.

Your intention should still be to get away, to get yourself safe, and to get help.

A side benefit of learning self defense techniques is that you will
appear confident in the way you walk and in your body language.

Your intention should be to get away, to get yourself safe.

Appearing confident
(without looking aggressive,) will reduce the chance of an attack.
Bullies are cowards at heart and prefer to pick on those that appear

There are a variety of martial arts and self defense
techniques that you can study and learn – karate, kung fu, judo,
taekwondo, hapkido, and many more. If you do decide to learn a self
defense method, find yourself an accredited instructor.

Remember that
learning any defense discipline will take time, dedication and practice.

Remember also that, despite what the movies may tell us, one person is not going to defeat an army, preventing yourself from being attacked and getting yourself away from trouble are the best self defense techniques of all.

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