Using Pepper Spray : Defend yourself from attack.

Using Pepper Spray : Defending Yourself.

Using pepper spray is widely touted as being one of the best ways to defend yourself from a personal attack. . .

. . .and so it can be if the spray is used correctly. It should be kept in mind that pepper spray is not passive defense in the same way that personal alarms are and should the attacker succeed in grabbing the spray from you, he could use it against you.

Remember also that the best form of personal defense is to avoid
getting into dangerous situations.

It is safe to go out but always be
aware that some areas are safer than others.

Using pepper spray
is not as easy as you might think it to be.

The spray should be aimed
directed at the attacker’s face and used quickly.

Never use the
spray to threaten, you should not pull out the spray and hold it in a
way that implies that you will use it if your attacker does not desist.

The longer your pepper spray is visible the more chance there is that your assailant can grab it from you.

Do not pull out the spray unless you are going to use it and if you pull it out use it straight away.

Once you have used the spray get away from your attacker as fast as
and call the police when you are in a safe position to do so.

woman using pepper spray
Never pull out your pepper spray unless you are going to use it. Aim straight at your attackers face.
 woman using pepper spray
Never pull out your pepper spray unless you are going to use it. Aim straight at your attackers face.

not close your eyes when using pepper spray, your aim needs to be

Never spray into a crowd and never spray wildly, if there is more than one assailant, aim
first at one then another.

Step back a little from whoever is attacking you, just enough to prevent him snatching your spray from your hand.

A split second before you use your spray, shoot your free hand up into the air quickly. This will distract the thug and he may just look upward, giving you a clearer shot at his eyes.

Avoid using a defense spray in a tightly enclosed space and never use in a moving vehicle.

that spraying into the wind will likely mean that you suffer some of
the effects of the spray, avoid doing so if you can.

The Effects of Using Pepper Spray.

Oleoresin Capsicum, popularly known as pepper spray, is a natural
substance extracted from oily resins found in peppers.

When Oleoresin
Capsicum is sprayed into the eyes it causes temporary blindness, the
eyes will involuntarily close up tight.

While this is going on the attacker will experience an uncontrollable
coughing and gagging fit and a fierce burning where the spray is in
contact with his skin. It can be seen that when correctly hit with
pepper spray the assailant will likely be unable to continue an attack.

Can You Use Pepper Spray Legally?

Before considering using pepper spray for self-defense you should check
whether or not it is legal for you to do so. Many places have laws
forbidding the use, or even the possession of, such sprays.

Even if using pepper spray is legal where you live there may be
restrictions on the capacity of the aerosol container, restrictions on
the strength of the spray or you may be required to obtain an
identification card or certificate.