Personal Attack Alarms for your personal security.

Personal Attack Alarms : For Your Personal Security.

Personal Attack Alarms are Portable Passive Protection.

Many of us fear that we are at high risk of some sort of physical attack when we are out on the street or other public places.

fact is however that more people are at risk of attack in their own
home from someone they know than from an assault in public from a

That said it must always be kept in mind that the possibility of unprovoked violence is real, carrying personal attack alarms helps many of us to feel more secure in public.

personal security alarm is not a weapon therefore it is legal to carry
in all areas and does not need a permit. (Note: Many airlines will not
permit gas-operated alarms on board planes.)

Anyone, adult or child, can easily be instructed in how to use an alarm.

Unlike a weapon used for defense, personal attack alarms can not be used against you if taken from you by the attacker.

Are Personal Attack Alarms Effective?

Does setting off a personal security alarm bring members of the public to your aid? Often yes, but not always.

course there has to be somebody around to hear the alarm.

Unless you
are somewhere remote this will usually be the case as the sound of these
personal alarms can carry quite a distance.

But not everybody acts when
they hear an alarm or siren sound, think how often car alarms are

If you are in a populated place, you can increase the chance of somebody
responding by yelling or even screaming as well as activating your
attack alarm.

This drives home the point that you are being assaulted and someone may call the police even if they do not want to approach the attacker themselves.

Do personal assault alarms drive away assailants? Very often yes.

The sudden shriek of an alarm often disorientates and startles an attacker, giving you time to get swiftly away.

The aggressor may run away himself of course and this is the best possible result.

Personal alarms can be effective in saving you from assault if you use them correctly.

Personal alarms can be effective in saving you from assault if you use them correctly.

No mugger, rapist or thug wants attention drawn to him and his violent act, and this is exactly what a personal alarm does.

If he doesn’t run the attacker may try to grab the alarm from you to silence the siren.

are personal protection alarms that require you to remove a pin or flip
a hidden switch to activate them.

With these it is best just to let the
attacker have the alarm if they grab for it, they won’t be able to
switch it off.

Another tactic would be to throw the alarm so the aggressor goes after it and not you, you of course will be running off to safety if at all possible.

can be effective in saving you from assault if you use them correctly.
Remember though that it is better not to get into a situation than it is
to get out of one. Some areas are safer than others but there is no
such thing as a safe area.

Generally, it is better to stick areas that are heavily populated rather than be in a sparsely populated one.

Many Types of Personal Security Alarms.

Your personal assault alarm needs to be compact enough to fit into your
hand when you are in an area, or situation, where you think you may be at
risk of attack.