Self Defense Technique : Confidence and keeping safe.

Your Self Defense Technique – Confidence.

Self Defense Technique – Your Confidence and Avoiding Attacks.

Have you ever felt that you are a perpetual victim? Does it seem that
if anyone is going to be attacked, verbally or physically, it is going
to be you?

If you have been the victim of assault, or abuse, in any form have you considered why your attacker singled you out?

Could it be that it was because you were unknowingly sending out signals saying in effect “Hey! Over here, I’m your victim.”

Anyone who studies and learns any form of self defense technique will
find they gain an increase in self esteem and self confidence.

So, not only are they better equipped to fight off an attack . . . they are less likely to be attacked in the first place.

Why does an air of self confidence mean that you will be less likely to be abused, assaulted or mugged?

Because bullies, robbers, rapists and thugs are basically cowards
at heart.

They do not want victims that look like they have the confidence to fight back or stand up for themselves, so are less likely to select someone with an air of self confidence as a victim.

Confidence – Your Defense Technique.

Criminals prefer to select victims who appear to be easy targets. If
they perceive someone as having low self esteem and no confidence in
themselves, they will consciously, or subconsciously, evaluate that
person as an easy target.

walking confidently
Walking and looking confident.
 walking confidently
Walking and looking confident.

They will assume that someone with low self
confidence will not argue, resist, fight back or draw attention to their
assault or bullying.

Someone who walks confidently, looking forward with their head held
up does not look like a push over.

Assailants are more likely to leave
confident looking people alone.

You should not appear arrogant or aggressive. Arrogance
and aggression are not self confidence. Confidence is being at ease
with the world around you, being calm strong minded, and not open to

Learning a self defense technique is invaluable for improving
your self confidence.

This happens in two ways, as you master the
different stages of the technique your belief in yourself and your
competence in the defense technique grows – competence breeds

Plus by learning to defend yourself you will feel more secure which will significantly improve your self confidence.


Remember that no matter how confident you are and how good you are at defending yourself, the technique of prevention is the most effective.

By always being aware of your surroundings and aware of who is
around you will reduce the risk of being attacked. Be choosy as where
you go and avoid unsafe areas whenever you can.

If threatened your first priority should be to get yourself away to safety. Even if you have learned a self defense technique, flight and not fight should be your first choice, physically defend yourself if you have no option but to do so.


Self Defense Technique.

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