Pickpockets : Tips to Avoid Getting Your Pockets Picked

Easy Prey for Pickpockets?

Don’t be a mark for pickpockets.

Find out how these thieves operate by reading this page – Pickpocketing Gangs.

Then learn how to keep thieving hands out of your pockets or purse by following these tips.

  • Don’t assume that you could never be a victim. Many of these thieves
    are very skilled, you may think that you would always know instantly if
    someone was trying to steal something of yours, but chances are that
    you would not have a clue.
  • Don’t assume that it would not happen where you are. You can be a victim of pickpockets in your home town just as easily as you can in a foreign city.
  • Don’t
    carry with you more than you need. We all need a little cash when we
    are out and about but only carry what is really necessary. Same with
    credit cards, why carry five when one will do?
wallet waiting to be stolen
This wallet is going to be stolen!

  • Be aware at all times. Be alert to what is going on around you, is anyone trying to distract your attention? Is anyone too close for your comfort?

    Be particularly aware in crowds, when traveling in, or getting on or off buses or trains, in a line, anywhere at all that it is not unusual for people to be up close to you.

  • Don’t give opportunist pickpockets a chance. Don’t leave a bag, or your jacket with your wallet in a pocket, over the back of your chair when eating out.
  • Don’t put your purse, cell phone, bag, camera or anything of value down while you attend to something else. When you turn back to it you could find it has been swiped.
    • Look confident and aware. Thieves prefer to target folks that seem
      unsure of themselves or confused as to where they are going.
    • Do use a Money Belt.
      A money belt under your clothing is the safest way to carry cash and
      cards, think how difficult it would be for thieving hands to get into
    • Try to avoid falling asleep in public. Dozing
      off in bars, public transportation, libraries etc. gives thieves a
      golden opportunity to take all you’ve got.
    • Be wary of anyone that accidentally spills or squirts
      something on your clothing ( a drink, mustard, ketchup etc.) and then
      insists on cleaning it off for you. Quite possibly all the time that
      they are apologizing an accomplice of theirs is picking your pocket or
      has their hand in your purse.
    • Don’t wear
      excessive jewelry (unless the occasion really demands it.) Pickpockets,
      and other thieves, will take it as a sign that you are worth targeting.
      Fake jewelry is just as tempting. Sure sparkling bling impresses, but
      how much of an impression do you need to make at the mall?
    • Be
      aware that backpacks are particularly vulnerable in crowds. It may be
      advisable, when in crowded places, to wear your backpack in front of
      you or carry it.
    • Be aware that Fanny Packs (Bum Bags) are not safe.
      Never wear it behind you, wearing it in front is a better option. As
      the snap fastener can be quickly opened by a snatch thief, tie the strap
      to your belt. Consider wearing your fanny pack under your clothing, or
      use the much safer option of a money belt.
    • Remember
      that these thieves are not easy to spot, they do their best to blend
      in. If working a tourist area they will likely dress and act like
      tourists, if operating in a city center they could well imitate city
    • Be aware that pickpockets often work in
      teams, while one is distracting you, another is stealing your valuables.
      Be alert whenever someone solicits your attention.

    The safest thing to do is to only carry what you need. A money belt
    is your best protection for your cash and cards and today’s belts are
    comfortable to wear and generally invisible under clothing.

    many regular style money belts there is room for things like passports
    as well as cards and cash. Also available are belts that appear to be
    normal pants belts but with a hidden compartment, naturally these are
    only good for hiding folding money.

    Follow the above tips and you should be able to avoid the attention of pickpocketing gangs.



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