Monkey Burglar.

Monkey Burglar.

by Leo Horst.

I’ll confess, I left an upstairs window open but I swear it must have been a monkey that got up there and inside. There is no way to climb up, that is what I would have said there are no pipes or anything to haul yourself up, but a burglar, or a monkey did it.

Perhaps it was Spiderman, or the burglar sat at the back of my house and did the Indian rope trick. Of course he could have used a ladder, but he would have brought one with him because I don’t have one, I mean there was not one left in the yard that he could have used.

Anyway he did it, he got in and took a lot of our stuff. He did not leave by the window, he used the back door, the lock does not need a key on the inside you just turn the thumb catch. He stole what he could carry, an Xbox, DVD’s and CD’s, two watches, a camera, some of my wife’s jewelry (not real expensive stuff,) and get this, my jacket, ball cap and backpack. The police say he wore the jacket and cap and filled the backpack with our stuff.

He did tip some draws out on the bed but did not make a real mess. Police say that was because it was a lone burglar, they say two or more are likely to trash places they steal from. We were lucky too that there was no damage from breaking in.

I would like to know how the heck he got up there, but I can tell you that we have not left a window open since that monkey burglar paid us a call.

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Sep 20, 2009

The Monkeys

by: Anonymous

Hey, hey, we are the monkeys, we just want to monkey around.

Alright burglary is not in any way funny. If a window is open upstairs they will get themselves into it. Where were your neighbors when this happen?

I know, they were not around or did not see a doggone thing, usual.

May 04, 2009

Climb like a monkey.

by: GT

If you stand outside of your property and think how you would get in if you locked yourself out, you’d then know how a burglar would do it.

If you left open a window, that’s how you’re gonna get in, no matter how high you’d find a way. Monkeys? Yes, but not the kind you see at the zoo, young druggies, kids even, desperate for their meth. They’ll climb like a monkey.

May 02, 2009

Climb where it would seem impossible.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Leo,

Thank you very much for sharing your interesting burglary story with us.

I can remember seeing a movie many, many years ago about a burglar who had a trained monkey. The monkey would climb in through open windows and let the burglar in. I’ve no idea what the movie was called, I was a kid when I saw it.

Of course it is much more likely that your burglar climbed up and went in the window himself. As you have found out, they can climb where it would seem impossible to do so.

Glad that you now keep the windows closed when you leave your house.

Martin (editor)

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