Home Security Doors : Security doors for your home.

Home Security Doors.

Are Home Security Doors Burglarproof?

Can a door be made so secure as to be burglarproof?

No, in practical
terms that is not possible. If a criminal has enough housebreaking
skills and enough determination he will be able to break in to any door.

Why then do homeowners fit security doors?

Because the
more time that a burglar spends breaking through a door, or defeating
locks, the more the risk of him being observed and caught.

Likewise with noise, burglars like to operate as quietly as possible, noise attracts attention.

If the main door to your home presents too much difficulty the
housebreaker will look for another way in, possibly another door such as
your back door, side door, garage door or patio door.

All the exterior doors to your home need to be secure against forced entry.

If your home has good all round security, for windows as well as
doors, congratulations – the thief will likely look for another home to
burgle that does not present him with so much risk.

Like a chain being only as strong as its weakest link, a doorway is only as secure as its weakest part.

Good quality deadbolt locks that are bump proof
are a strong link but are of little use when fitted in weak, poor
quality doors. Good quality residential security doors are a strong link
in a weak chain if hung in poor quality frames.

What Are Home Security Doors.

The most usual way a burglar will break in through a door is
through the brute force of a kick.

Commonly it is not the door itself
that fails but the strike plate that encloses the lock bolt.

strike plate is typically held by a couple of short screws against the
door jamb molding, the molding is typically soft wood and simply tacked
on to the door frame.

secure front door
Security doors for the home. Like a chain being only as strong as its weakest link, a doorway is only as secure as its weakest part.
home security door
Security doors for the home. Like a chain being only as strong as its weakest link, a doorway is only as secure as its weakest part.

If your door is of solid core construction, is in good condition and
in a solid frame, you can vastly improve security by fitting a security
strike plate using screws that are at least 3 inches long.

Ensure that the screws penetrate right into the frame and use longer screws for the hinges as well. See Door Reinforcement.

Fit the door with a good quality deadbolt lock that has a minimum
of a one inch throw bolt
and you have a door that will withstand many
hefty kicks.

Any door with glass panels (or
glass sidelights) is less secure than it could be.

You can however
improve security by using window security film or laminated glass.

Steel Security Doors for the Home.

You may feel that you would enjoy the most home door security
with a steel door, and this may be so.

Before you rush out and get a
steel door, or over-door, or a door that looks like a steel door, you should ask
yourself if you really want your home looking like a drug den.

Residential steel doors are available that do not appear to be
manufactured from steel.

From any but the closest visual inspection
these doors look like they are wooden, are made in a wide range of
styles and would not look out of place in any neighborhood.

Be aware that some steel doors are hollow core, that is a metal
shell filled with cardboard for bracing. Others are solid core and again
these consist of a metal shell but filled with a robust material. Solid
core doors are the better option.

Be aware also that many manufacturers sell their steel doors on the basis of the superior weatherproofing, rather than on the basis of security. Again it comes down to home security doors, whether steel or not, of being little use if poorly hung in a weak frame. If you are choosing a steel door for security it would make sense to install it in a steel frame.

You can find home security doors manufactured from materials other
than wood and metal, such as high impact vinyl or fiberglass.

No matter
what the door is made of it should be fit for purpose, of solid
construction and not be the weakest security link.

As stated above, if your home has effective exterior door
security the burglar will look for another way in, so all your home
security measures need to be effective – and if they are it is likely he
will decide that your home is to much of a risk to break into. Home
security doors will help him arrive at that decision.


Home Security Doors.

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