Burglary Story : Something Was Wrong.

Burglary Story : Something Was Wrong.

by Bradly

I had a sort of sixth sense feeling that something was very wrong as I approached the apartment door. Up close I saw that the door was not closed right the whole way. Just a push and it opened. My heart was racing now and I was about to step inside when I remembered that you are not supposed to do that. I’m not the brave and the bold type, so with the thought that a burglar (or more) might still be inside, I phoned the cops.

Did not take them long at all to arrive. Worst fears confirmed. Most anything of value was gone. Cops asked a few questions. Was anything marked with a security marker? No. Not so very good of a chance of getting it back then.

It took a long time to replace all that stuff. Some vinyl discs could not be replaced. Was I insured? No I was not. Worst thing of all was that the girlfriend would no longer spend nights at the apartment. We stayed at her place, but there were other problems with that.

I’m in a new apartment now, this one is a lot more secure, but sometimes when I arrive home I get a flashback of that evening.

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May 12, 2012


by: Anonymous

Your inner self will always guide you.

Your conscious mind will mislead and deceive, logic will put you on the wrong path. Many times I have been guided by my “self” when everything in the outer world pointed to the opposite path.


Aug 30, 2010

My sixth sense told me.

by: Andy Lee

I’m with you on the sixth sense, you should always pay attention to it.

My sixth senses started hitting on me when I was still blocks from home. My head was pounding but it was more than a headache, I knew that strangers were in my home and that I was being burglarized.

They ran out just as I finally got there, a neighbor had shouted out that he was calling the cops.


Jan 26, 2010

After effects

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Bradly,

Thank you very much for sharing your burglary story with us.

You were absolutely right not to enter your apartment when you found that it had been broken into. It’s not about being brave or bold, it’s about good sense.

The of a burglary can stay with the victim a long time. Were you offered support or counseling? A little help with these things can go a long way.

Martin (editor)

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