Burglary Story : Open Windows

Burglary Story : Open Windows

by Mary

(Camden )

It is the classic way to get burglarized and I’m as guilty as hell. I left a couple of windows open, well it was the “long hot summer” and we all, me, husband, kids, wanted air in the house.

The windows at the front you can leave open a notch and they will not open father, you can fix them that way. But I wanted the air to blow through so I stupid, stupid I know, left a couple at the back open and those ones windows you can’t fix open a notch. When I got home with the kids OMG, the burglars had run through the house taking what they wanted, the kids things as well, what they didn’t want to take they just left strewn all over.

You hear people say that they thought it would never happen to them, well that was me. I could not believe it happened but it did.

When I heard my husbands car pull up I bolted up to the bedroom, left the kids to break the news! He did calm down eventually. They did not take the TV set probably because they could not carry it off, that was a mercy for my family, had that been stolen it would have been the end of the world, husband and kids would not have spoken to me again ever.

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Dec 22, 2010

close them

by: pogo

If a window is open a burglar will climb in, even vent windows. Get bars fitted or get vent slots fitted in your walls if you want air but don’t leave windows opened.

Dec 29, 2009


by: Anonymous

You say they could not carry off the television, that is because they were probably kids. They don’t have the automobile or truck to load your stuff into. kids slink around do a lot of damage to get into a place, because they don’t know what they are doing and just take anything they can carry.

Mar 07, 2009

Fix those windows.

by: Martin (editor)

Thank you very much for sharing your burglary story with us.

Yes, leaving windows or doors unlocked is an easy way to get burgled, it happens all too often. You are not the first to do it neither will you be the last.

You don’t say what you have done to fix the situation. If those windows are wooden you can buy vent locks. Get your husband up from the TV and fixing those windows.

Martin (editor)

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