Burglary Story : Down the alley.

Burglary Story : Down the alley.

by Rick Ogden


Three homes got hit the same day. We all have houses with an narrow alley down one side of the house. When someone is down this alley they can’t be seen from the street or from the backyards.

The burglars got in by working on a window that is half the way down this alley, they used brute force but did not break the glass. They must have made noise, no body heard though. They took small stuff, some cash (more than we should have had lying around the place,) some jewelry, and a radio. Took similar stuff from the other homes.

What we have done is replaced the window with one that slides and have bars over the front of that. We also have had an iron gate, with a lock, erected in the front of the alley. It could be climbed over but should slow up a thief, and if anyone were to see someone climbing over the gate they would know to call the cops, we hope.

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Mar 16, 2010

A barrier to theives.

by: Anonymous

I would not want to be without my gate. Not that high but I think it serves as a mental barrier as well as a physical one,dont pass beyond here”

Dec 30, 2008

Dogs are better than gates.

by: Tony Sebber

I agree that gates don’t stop any burglar, even tall gates. Get yourself a dog, best thing you can do.

Oct 18, 2008

climb the gate.

by: Anonymous

They will vault right over that gate after waiting it out until no one is watching. Even if some one sees no one want to get involved.

Oct 13, 2008

Potential Places.

by: Martin (editor.)

Hi Rick,

Sounds like you have taken measures to deter someone from breaking in the same way – – good for you.

Don’t forget to look over your property for other potential places a burglar may get in. You may want to consider fitting an alarm system.

Martin (editor.)

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