Burglary Story – Burglar Was Spooked.

Burglary Story – Burglar Was Spooked.

by Charles P. Napier.

Returning home I noticed that the gate at the side of the house that gives access to the backyard was open. I am particular about closing gates and things like that so seeing it open immediately gave me knots in my gut.

I had a slide bolt on the back of the gate near the top, this was so I could just reach over and slide the bolt to open it up. Pretty dumb idea as obviously any thief could do the same.

Very cautiously I crept through the gate and around to the back. Thankfully things were much as they should be, except there were marks at the bottom edge of one of the windows and on the sill.

From these marks it was very obvious that someone had used a jemmy to try to get the window open. I do not have an idea what it was that made him stop, something must have spooked him. But lucky for me that he did stop.

I made up my mind there and then to have an alarm installed because the next time I might not be so lucky. If nothing had spooked that burglar it could be that he would have got in my home, and I don’t want that.

That alarm is fitted and I set it every time I leave home. Each window, including the upper floor, has a sensor. If another burglar tries using a jemmy on any window he too will get spooked, the – very loud – siren will see to that.

Also I have replaced that gate with a taller one and have a key operated lock on it.

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Apr 24, 2014

Get a dog.

by: Tan

Get your own dog instead of relying on your neighbors dog or on an alarm. Alarms can let you down, dogs don’t. Alarms just get ignored but with a dog it is not only the noise, they scare the burglar away, who wants to deal with a dog.

Nov 27, 2010

Dog bark spooked them

by: Anonymous

Pretty much like what happened to me. Somebodys had made a pretty forceful attempt at breaking in the side door but gave up.

What spooked them must have been a neighbors dog a big old boy who will bark his head off at any noise if he is in his yard and awake. On sunny days he will sleep and sleep not even a H bomb will wake him. I was lucky that he was wide awake that very day.

Jul 02, 2010

Taking action is good.

by: Martin (Editor)

Hi Charles,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your burglary story with us.

Good for you for taking action to reduce the chances of another burglary attempt. It is surprising how many folks do nothing to increase their security even after suffering a burglary.

Is your backyard overlooked, that is can neighbors see in to your yard. It is a good thing if they can. Perhaps the thief felt he was being observed, that may have been what spooked him.

Good job on the higher gate if it allows passers by to see what is going on in your yard.

Martin (Editor)

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