Burglars were smoking.

Burglars were smoking.

by Niall Woodbridge

I open the door to my home and I smell it. I have never smoked, not even tobacco, and I do not allow smoking of anything in my home.

What I could smell was not tobacco, it was the other stuff. That told me that somebody had got inside, were they still there? I froze for I don’t know how long, it may have been less than a minute but it seemed an age. Eventually my stomach un-knotted enough to let me move into the lounge.

I’d had a visitor or two alright, an army could have made the mess they left. A window in the kitchen had been busted open, seems this is how they got in and out.

Stolen = 42 of my treasured dvds, mostly sci-fi, some rare European. (Sad maybe, but that’s what I like.) And a watch. They did not steal my dvd player or the television.

I opened every window in the place for a whole afternoon to get rid of the stench. I think I was more infuriated that they smoked in my home than I was about the things they stole.

All the cheap little catches on the windows have been replaced with locks and I have done other burglar proofing.

Getting my dvd collection back together although some titles are hard to replace.

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Jul 25, 2014


by: This here guy.

Coincidence finding these post because three weeks ago I got back to home sweet home and found I had received a visit from burglars. Big clue that something was wrong was that my front door had been smashed to bits, not just the lock broken. I never knew I had such a weak door.

Everything was tipped out inside and the first thing that hit me was the stink of tobacco smoke. I too have never permitted smoking in my home.

I hate them for the burglary and the damage, and I hate them for smoking in my home.

Apr 24, 2011

Smoking Burglars

by: Angry

That’s what the sons of b’s did in my house! and like you I could tell right off someone had been smoking.

You know what they did? They dropped their butts right on my carpet, just let them burn!

I suppose that was my fault for not having ashtrays around the place. I’m assuming that I can’t write what I’d would do to the scum if ever I caught up with them – – and it would give me pleasure to do it!

Jan 10, 2011

For a few dollars

by: Martin (Editor)

Hi Niall,

Thank you for sharing your story with us, I’m sorry to read that your home was burgled.

As a non smoker it must have been disturbing for you to find that they had used your home to smoke their ‘stuff’ in. Likely they main motivation for them committing burglaries is to steal easily salable items in order to buy more ‘stuff.’ They sell your items for a few dollars, when they want more they burglarize another home.

Full marks for upgrading your security, don’t let up on that. Keep looking at your home and asking yourself “how would a burglar get in.” Then figure out ways to stop them.

Martin (Editor)

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