Stupid Criminals : How stupid can a burglar be?

Stupid Criminals.

Stupid Criminals Make The News.

They are some of the most popular video clips on sites such as YouTube.

love watching criminals making fools of themselves, getting thwarted in
their criminal efforts, or better yet, getting caught because they do
dumb things.

Watching these dumb criminals videos, or reading news reports about inept crooks, can be highly amusing.

How can a criminal act as stupidly as this crook.

about this guy for having a serious lack of brain cells.

While he was
engaged in burglarizing a house he heard a noise from upstairs that
alerted him that someone was at home. So he ran off empty handed save
for a set of keys.

Later he realized that he had dropped his cell phone during the burglary.

This criminal had the stupidity to return to the scene of his crime,
handed the stolen keys to the 74 year old owner and asked for his cell
phone back!

When a police officer called to investigate the
incident he got an alert that another burglary was taking place in the
same street.

Moving swiftly, the cop caught the burglar red handed with a
backpack full of stolen goods.

Can you guess who the criminal turned out to be?

can’t make this up.

Our dumb burglar friend was out on bail at the time
of the burglaries, he had previously been arrested for the theft of copper cable from commercial premises.

He had got himself caught through leaving behind a tobacco pouch with his fingerprints all over it.

stupid criminal in jail
 stupid criminal in jail

that guy is obviously not the sharpest knife in the draw. But can we
assume that all criminals act as dumb as that?

Of course they don’t,
otherwise there would be very few successful crimes and crooks would get
themselves caught as easy as pie.

Fact is truly stupid criminals are the minority.

It is true that most home burglaries are carried out by opportunist burglars.

Opportunity burglars do not need to be masterminds, they do not plan
out their crimes weeks or months in advance.

They do not need the
brainpower to figure out how to overcome sophisticated security
systems. But by and large, they are not stupid criminals.

Never underestimate the criminal mind. If you do you will likely be too relaxed about the security of your home and family.

it best to acknowledge that the average criminal is likely to be of at
least average intelligence and protect your home on that basis?

Of course it is.

look at things another way. There are stupid all kinds of people,
including stupid criminals. But criminals that are stupid are likely to
get caught and, if the courts are not too lenient, locked away.

So the
crooks that are on the loose and may try to break into your home are not
likely to be the very dumb ones.

Burglars may have less than
average morals but are usually smart enough to take the least amount of
risk to get what they want. Like electricity, they will take the line of
least resistance.

So if you do all that you can to make your home
unattractive to a burglar, and your neighbor doesn’t, who’s home is the
burglar likely to break into? Burglary Prevention Tips.

stupid criminals are out there, otherwise there would not be all those
dumb crook videos, and even the smartest of burglars make mistakes. But
it really does make sense to keep in mind that a burglar will use a
little savvy in deciding where to steal from.

Don’t let it be your


Stupid Criminals.

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