Alarm Batteries : Back up power for your alarm system.

Alarm Batteries – Testing and Replacement.

Don’t Neglect Your Alarm Batteries.

alarm systems are designed to increase people’s sense of security, it
is all too easy to forget that at the heart of any alarm system is a
power source that is not absolutely guaranteed.

Power outages can be either a rare or fairly common occurrence
depending upon where you live.

Without power your burglar alarm system
would be useless and your family and property it was installed to
protect becomes vulnerable.

Thankfully, this problem is prevented
by the inclusion in the system of alarm batteries as a back up power

Power outages are not the only reason for backup batteries, they
stop burglars from disarming your system by cutting the power supply to
your property.

In many systems the back up batteries are rechargeable, however even rechargeable batteries do not function forever.

who has a home security system needs to get into the habit of regularly
checking the system to ensure that it is protecting as it should.

Testing Home Alarm Batteries.

The details for how to test your alarm system should have been provided
by the company who did the installation, or should be listed in the
instruction manual that accompanied the system.

Most systems require
testing once per month and that a testing code is entered into the
system. After the code is entered, any problems, including back up
battery issues, should be revealed.

alarm batteries
Your home alarm system may incorporate several other batteries as well as the backup batteries.
home alarm batteries
Your home alarm system may incorporate several other batteries as well as the backup batteries.

Even, if the alarm system batteries are not currently a problem, they
should be changed periodically.

The system’s manual should recommend
how frequently to change the battery.

Study the procedure as laid
out in your manual several times.

When the time comes, knowing how to
handle the replacement alarm batteries will be important.

Changing Your Back Up Alarm Battery.

Several steps go into the process of changing a battery in the
security system. First, the correct batteries need to be located. For
some systems, this can be a significant challenge.

Many of the alarm
companies do sell their own replacement batteries which may be a choice
worth pondering despite the usually higher cost.

Once the batteries have been secured, the system needs to be turned off so they can be changed. However if yours is a monitored alarm system,
the system should not be turned off until the monitoring company has
been notified. Otherwise, the company will put into action their
emergency response and you may have a lot of explaining to do!

If the
batteries are changed without turning off the system, the siren will go
off and the results will be the same.

The specific instructions on
how to replace the battery are going to be found in the manual in most
cases. These differ a bit depending on the alarm system.

However, most
of the batteries are secured in a section that will need to be removed
using a screwdriver. Then the new batteries are popped in and the
section’s cover is replaced.

Finally, your monitoring company should be notified that the task has been completed.

Other Batteries Need Checking Too.

Your home alarm system may incorporate several other batteries as well as the backup batteries. The cells in your wireless motion detectors and wireless key-fob, for example, need to be checked regularly and changed if necessary.

If yours is a portable alarm system,
designed for use in hotels, motels etc, that relies entirely upon
battery power, then needless to say you need to ensure that the
batteries are in good order.


Alarm Batteries.

The Opportunist Burglar.
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