A Personal Security Alarm : Your portable protection.

Personal Security Alarm.

A Personal Security Alarm – It’s Your Portable Protection.

If you have been thinking about protecting yourself with a personal
alarm then it is time to stop thinking, buy that alarm and carry it with

These devices work.

Not in all instances and not in all
circumstances, but they do successfully scare off attackers and bring
help in a good number of cases.

You know how a personal alarm works of course, you activate it and it emits a piercing scream.

Your assailant does not want the attention so they back off giving you the opportunity to escape.

Does the activation of the alarm always have that result? No,
your attacker may make a grab for your alarm in order to attempt to
silence it, in which case their focus is taken from assaulting you to
getting the alarm from you.

Many assault alarms are designed so that they can not be easily switched off by the aggressor, they have a hidden switch or require the reinsertion of a pin to silence the siren.

You can always throw the alarm a little distance away, the assailant goes after it, another opportunity to escape.

A Personal Security Alarm – Protection Wherever You Are.

Modern electronic wizardry means that a personal alarm can be
made very small indeed. That is a good thing because few people would
want to carry bulky objects around, but beware of buying a personal
alarm that is too small.

personal alarm

You do not want one that is likely to get lost
at the bottom of your pocket or purse, it is essential to get your hands
on it as soon as you need to.

One type of small personal alarm that can always be to hand is a key-chain alarm.

Most all of us always carry our keys when we go out so,
if you keep your keys where you can get to them quickly, you will not
be scrabbling around for your alarm in an emergency.

Key-chain personal alarms can also be clipped to the side of a purse or clipped to a belt, anywhere they can be easily reached.

So what is stopping you from carrying an assault alarm? Do you
think that you will never find yourself in a situation to need one?

Think again, assaults happen and can happen to anyone.

It would be wrong to suggest that you cannot leave your front
door without being attacked, even in the roughest of neighborhoods that
is not likely to be the case.

But unprovoked attacks are a fact of life.

Are you able to take care of yourself so you think you do not
need a personal security alarm?

Knowing how to handle yourself in an
assault is a good thing, and the confidence gained by knowing Self Defense Techniques will
help to reduce the chances of being attacked. But how can using a
security alarm be any disadvantage to you? It can only help protect you.

If your alarm scares off an assailant then you will not need to use those self defense techniques.

Cost is not likely to be holding you back from buying your
portable security alarm. Yes, these are economically challenging times
for us all but the ability to frighten off attackers and summon help
does not come with a large price tag.

There is a personal security alarm available to suit any budget.


Personal Security Alarm.

Although it is probably not possible to make your home completely
impenetrable, if you attend to all the items on this security list your
home will be far less likely to be burgled. . . Home Security Checklist.