Child Locator Device : Locate your child quickly.

How Does A Child Locator Device Operate?

A child locator device reunites you and your child.

These small wireless devices are comprised of two parts. A unit that is
attached to the child’s clothing and a unit that is carried by you.

With some locator devices you trace your child by pressing a button
on the transmitter unit (the part that stays with you,) and a bleep will
sound from the receiving unit (the part with your child,) enabling you
to locate your child quickly.

You can also obtain a child locator
device that not only helps you to find your toddler when you notice they
are not in your sight, but also emits a warning signal if they wander
outside of a preset range.

In other words it also warns you when you
have not noticed that your child has slipped away.

The receiving
units are made to be appealing to a small child, teddy bear shape, bug
shaped, there is even a version that resembles a wristwatch.

The units
are clipped to the little ones clothes, clipped on a belt or attached to
the child’s shoe.

The range that these locating devices can
effectively work in is limited, and the transmitted signal can always be
subjected to interference.

A locating device cannot be relied
upon to keep your toddler safe. . .

. . . A Child Locator Device Is Not A Substitute For Good Parenting. . .

. . .of course you will want to continue to keep your young child within
your sight at all times whether you are using a child locator device
or not.

These devices can be a boon for those rare times when your
attention is unintentionally diverted for a moment, and isn’t that
always when the little ones decide to go exploring?

Locating Your Child.

You are at the mall with your toddler.

Naturally your number one
concern is for the safety of your child and you aim to ensure that she
or he is within your sight at all times.

But it’s a busy life, you
have a hundred and one things on your mind. What’s the next store you
need to visit? You have a list of must buy purchases in your purse,
better check that. You reach into your purse, where is that list?

Something brings your thoughts back to your child – you realize that your little one is no longer by your side, it’s a heart stopping moment.

blond child
It only takes a moment for a child’s attention to be diverted.
 blond child
It only takes a moment for a child’s attention to be diverted.

You look to the left and to the right. You look behind and in front of
you, but you cannot see your child.

Reaching for a small device attached
to your key-chain you press the button.

Immediately you hear a
chirruping beep, the sound is coming from just behind you to the left,
and . . .

… there is your child safe and sound.

Your toddler has their nose
pressed against a store window, brightly colored wonderful things
grabbed her or his attention and, despite your warnings not to leave
your side, little one wandered those few steps to investigate.

looked but you did not see.

Perhaps your small person was temporarily
obscured by bigger persons passing by. Thank goodness for your child
locator device.

dad and child
dad and child

Your emotions are a little mixed. A little annoyed
at your child for wandering, perhaps a little anger at yourself for
taking your eyes off your toddler for a second.

Most of all though you feel
relived that all is well, your child locating device was able to reunite
mom and child.

Of course a restraining harness will prevent your
toddler from wandering away from you.

But many parents feel uneasy about
using a leash on their child, and most toddlers are less than happy
about wearing them.


Child Locator Device.

For information about keeping track of the whereabouts of your older children please see Child Tracker.