Nanny Camera : Do nanny cams protect your children?

A Nanny Camera

A Nanny Camera : A Solution To A Problem.

days it can be an economic necessity for both parents to leave the home
each day to go to work.

Sometimes daycare for the children is not a
viable, or even available, option.

Many parents solve this problem by hiring someone to look after their
children in their own home. This person is often called a nanny.

Most professional nannies are dedicated to the well being and proper care of the children they look after.

we all have read disturbing press reports about rogue nannies who treat
the children in their charge with less than proper care.

of actual abuse may be rare, but how does a parent know that their
children are being cared for in the way that they wish them to be?

Is A Nanny Camera The Answer?

A camera can never prevent your children from being abused or
treated in ways other than you would want them treated.

However the
knowledge that the care they give your children, is being observed goes a
long way to ensure that a nanny always gives those in her charge proper

There is no substitute for doing your utmost to ensure that you select the right person to look after your children.

At best a nanny cam is a backup, albeit a backup that many parents deem essential.

nanny camera

Determining who will prove to be a good nanny for your children is no easy task.

may give all appearances of being a kind, trustworthy, understanding
and tolerant person.

They may seem like the perfect candidate for the
position of nanny to your children.

They may even present you with
glowing references. But are they legally employable? Do they have a
social security number?

If the prospective nanny does not have a
social security number it is not possible to make an accurate
background check.

Would you want to leave your kids in the hands of
someone who hasn’t had a background check?

Even if everything
checks out you should still pay attention to your gut instincts. You
should only employ someone if you feel confident they should have your
trust. And back up that trust with a nanny camera.

Should You Say That You Are Using A Camera?

When hiring, should you tell a potential nanny that they will be observed by surveillance equipment?

professional child care providers appreciate being informed about the
use of nanny cams.

They prefer parents to be clear about such things. A
person who objects to, or will not work in the presence of a camera may
not be a bad care giver, but you may not wish to employ them to care for
your children.

The knowledge that they are being observed reduces
the chances of abuse. It increases the chances that your children will
receive the quality of care that you expect.

It is generally perfectly legal to install and use a nanny cam in any non private area of your home.

would not, of course, be legal to use one in any area that nanny would
expect privacy, such as a bathroom or, if nanny lives in, her bedroom.

a few states it is not legal to record speech without consent, so if
your camera also records sound as well as video, you will need to check
your state’s ruling.

Is Installing A Nanny Cam System All You Need To Do?

You have your camera or cameras installed. Each time that you
check, you see nothing to indicate that your kids are not receiving
anything but the best of care. Should you therefore do nothing else to
check everything is as it should be?

If your child
caregiver is happy to work with surveillance recording, then you may
consider hiding your nanny cams to be unnecessary.

A point about
cameras hidden in movable objects, the teddy bear nanny cam for example.

Teddy bears don’t stay put. Kids move them around when playing with

Nanny herself could innocently move the bear when tidying up.

had your hidden nanny camera nicely positioned to record events that
take place in the room. As the bear has been moved you end up making a
recording of a blank wall. It is best to set up hidden surveillance cameras in items that are fixed in place.

cameras record straight on to their own SD card. Others record to your
VCR. With other systems you can view what is going on at home from a
remote PC. You can periodically check on nanny and your children from
your office.

Motion activated nanny cams only record when they detect movement thereby extending recording time.

nanny cameras are wireless. This means that, with no wires to hide,
installation is a fairly simple D.I.Y. task. If you choose to hide your
wireless nanny camera, most are small enough to make this easy to do.


Nanny Camera.

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