My Toolshed Was Burgled.

My Toolshed Was Burgled.

by David Norton Frith

A thief broke in thru the back of my tool shed while I was in the house taking a nap. It was the noise he made doing it that woke me, as usual I was comatose on the bed, fully dressed but with my shoes kicked off.

He pulled a panel free, almost right off, so he could squeeze in. I’d got up and looked out the window onto the yard, at first I could not see anything to give a clue what the heck the noise was because I was looking at the front of the shed.

What happened next amazed me. A figure ran like the wind from the back of my tool shed to the fence at the end of the yard. Boy, he must have been fit, he took a leap and grabbed the top of the fence, and was over it in a blink. He had something (which turned out to be my electric planer) stuffed in the front of his jacket, but was still over that fence like an athlete!

I can’t say why I did it, but I got myself downstairs and out in the yard, picking up a fry pan on the way. Yes a fry pan, I must have figured the heavy old pan to be a good weapon. I had only got half way to that fence when I stopped and told myself I’m not going to get over it, or even pull myself up to look over it.

I thought about running thru the house and out the front but I knew that I hadn’t a hope of catching that burglar, and I hadn’t my shoes on.

What I should have done was call the police of course. I didn’t and I don’t know why. Inspecting my toolshed I could see that it wouldn’t take too much for a fit and strong person to yank that panel back. You can bet I have now repaired that and inserted longer screws all over that shed. That was also when I found he had stolen my planer, must be because it was handy and he can sell it, can’t imagine that he is a woodworker.

I always thought that burglars at least rang the doorbell to find out if there was anyone at home, I’m damn sure that would have woke me. Perhaps he did not care if there was someone around which is frightening.

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Oct 13, 2012

Exception to the rule.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi David,

Theft from sheds, backyard workshops etc., is quite common. It really does pay to make sure such places are secured and, as you found out, the condition of any such building needs to be checked for weak points.

Personally, I don’t think it wise to go after any burglar with a weapon, although probably all done such a thing in the heat of it. Calling the cops would have been the best option.

You are correct David, it is much more often the case that a burglar will check if the house is empty, or there is someone at home. Your case proved exception to the rule. It could well be your opportunist thief was a drug addict, stealing to get his fix, and acted in desperation without caution.

Good that you have strengthened your shed.

Martin (editor)

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