High Security Mailbox : Protects your mail from theft.

High Security Mailbox.

A High Security Mailbox Can Stop Thieves Getting Their Hands on Your Mail.

“What is there to steal from my mailbox?”

Think of all the personal information that drops into your
mailbox everyday and how useful that information could be in cloning
your identity.

Credit and charge card statements, bank statements, loan account
statements, utility bills, investment documents, pre-approved credit
applications, tax forms, credit reports, and similar documents can all
be of interest to identity thieves.

Criminals employ many methods to obtain personal information.

Today plenty of attention is focused upon Internet related
identity theft, but stolen mail is still a profitable source of

Stealing the mail right out of your mailbox remains an
activity of the criminal world.

“What about my outgoing mail, surely thieves are likely to steal that as well?”

Yes, your outgoing mail is just as valuable to identity thieves
as your incoming mail. The problem with having a security mailbox
where you can lock up your outgoing mail is that the mail carrier would
need a key to collect it.

Best plan is not to leave mail for collection,
take it to a post office or post it in a collection box. An
inconvenience but far more secure than leaving it to be collected – by thieves.