I Have A Burglary To Thank.

I Have A Burglary To Thank.

by Marc Berner

These days I am very much security conscious and my home is just about as protected as it can be. I have a burglary to thank for that.

As a much younger man I shared a rented apartment with another guy. We were pretty typical young men with not much on our minds but beer and babes. A night out, which was most nights, meant we returned home around five of the AM. Out most of the day too. Never a thought for security, we often left a window open or the door to the apartment unlocked.

As you will guess the inevitable happened. We waz robbed.

What was stolen is not important – now. But that burglary had an effect upon me. At first I was more than a little nervous. Hiding my fear was not easy and I suspect that my roommate guessed how I felt and felt the same himself.

That fear stayed with me for several years. I also became reluctant to buy stuff. What was the point in acquiring gadgets and gizmos for a thief to walk off with them. Luckily I moved on from that way of thinking. Why let crooks control your life?

I now acquaint myself with ways to protect my home, hence I am on your site. I also have a top grade security system that links straight to help. My wife used to think me a little obsessive and cranky about security, but I’m glad to say that she now takes the matter as seriously as I do. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

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Mar 21, 2010

Me too.

by: Anonymous

I’m sorry that your experience effected you they way that it did. I can sympathize because I too was badly traumatized by a robbery. At one and the same time I was nervous every time I left home, but did not feel safe when at home. There was nothing I could do but move. Those that have not been through the experience cannot begin to understand.

Feb 07, 2010

The after effect of a burglary.

by: Martin (Editor)

Hi Marc,

If that burglary has heightened your security awareness, then some good has come from it.

I think that we are all a little careless when we are younger. It’s only when we have experienced a few of life’s hard knocks that we start to guard against bad things happening.

It’s true, the after effect of a burglary can stay with you for a long time. Good for you and your wife for acquainting yourselves with the best security measures. And thanks for being a visitor to surveillanceforsecurity.com.

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