Burglary Story : Weird Burglary.

Burglary Story : Weird Burglary.

by P. Vally.

Three years ago we were the victims of a really weird robbery. We had been out of the house for just over four hours, visited friends and a spell of shopping.

The first thing that told us something was wrong was, standing at our front door we could hear our TV set. Let me be clear, we are not daytime viewers, we are certain that it is not the case one of us left the thing on when we left our home.

After standing looking at each other for what seemed an age, I put the key in the lock. We did not think about the possibility of some person being inside, we were just mystified about the TV, at that point we did not fear we had been burglarized. But as soon as we were inside it hit us. There was our stuff everywhere. They hit every room. They had taken mostly electronic stuff, some rings, there is never any cash or credit cards in the house. If you have ever been burglarized you will know that it takes weeks before you know what has been stolen and what hasn’t.

The other weird thing. They had pulled our stuff out from everywhere but did not vandalize or damage things. Except that is my wife’s photograph album which contains photographs of my wife’s family going right back. There is even a photo of her grandfather as a young man standing next to his father. They had pulled most of them from the album and ripped up many, why?

The police officer said the probable motive for switching on the TV set was to cover the noise they made. I’m not sold on that. We could not hear the television until we were at out front door, and if it had been turned up louder wouldn’t that have attracted as much attention as the noise itself?

The police officer could offer no explanation about the photographs. Weird.

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Nov 24, 2010

smash up and trash up

by: Anonymous

I agree its drugs. Thats why they smash place up for no good reason. Cash or something they can walk away with to sell,, they get that and they smash n trash for kicks. Drugs is the cruse of the nation.

Apr 21, 2010


by: Anonymous Me.

I think it is drugs. Most home robberies are committed by young workshy drug users. They will trash a home if they are frustrated that they can’t find something to steal. and maybe trashit if they do steal because they are high. Mindless.

Sep 26, 2009


by: LEO

I will not go in the detail of what the scum sucking swine did to our home but just say that we could not stay in our home for two weeks.

Don’t know about them doing it because they don’t find enough to steal, they took enough from us.

That is nasty ripping your family photographs, I hope you got them repaired, they can do it so they are almost as good as new.

lock these swine up for keeps and a good whupping each day.

May 30, 2009

the damage is deliberate

by: Anonymous

The scum often do more in damage than they steal! Most of it is deliberate. Lowest form of life in my opinion.

May 20, 2009


by: Martin (editor)


Sorry to read of your burglary. Thieves often vandalize when they break in. Sometimes when they don’t find as much to steal as they would like, other times they do it just because they are the low down scum that they are.

I do agree though, that it is strange that they only trashed your photo album.

You do not say how the burglars got into your home, I hope that you have taken steps to ensure they can’t do it a second time.

Thank you very much for sharing your story and keep safe.

Martin (editor)

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