Burglary Story : We had been burgled too.

Burglary Story : We had been burgled too.

by Ivette.

Our house is an exact twin of our neighbor excepting that theirs is the other way around if you know what I mean. Our kitchen looks across to their kitchen.

I had just got back home after visiting a friend and was serving myself a glass of water when I looked across and saw that my neighbors window was broken. OMG I knew at once that they had been burgled as both are out all day working.

Should I call the police or check their house first? I hesitated in reaching for the phone, and something, I don’t know what, but something, made me walk from the kitchen to our main room. And then I saw that we had been burgled too. I felt sick. What I did then was run from the house to two houses up where I knew that another neighbor would be at home. I banged like a crazy woman on her door and thank the lord she answered. Now I phoned the police.

Both the police and my husband said that I acted right in getting out the house. The burglars were not in our home they had long gone, but they could have been there. Our neighbors lost a lot of stuff, they had family hand down jewelry and a couple of expensive cameras. We did not have too much stolen, the burglars probably did not spend too much time in our house they do not seem to have gone into the bedrooms at all.

They got into our place by forcing open a window, we have had all our windows fixed and doors checked, of course we wish that we had done all this before. Also both us and our neighbors have alarms and we are careful about using them. Once you have had a burglar in your home you get a knot in your stomach each time that you put the key in the lock.

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Mar 01, 2009

don’t stay

by: Anonymous

Like you I would not have stayed around, you never know what a burglar is going to do. Best thing to do is what you did, let the police officers check things out because they are trained for that sort of thing. No point at all in getting yourself killed.

Jan 08, 2009

You did the right thing.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Ivette,

I too will agree that you did the right thing in not checking your neighbor’s house and in getting yourself out of your home. As you say, the burglars could have still been in either property.

Good for you also for taking extra security precautions.

Thank you very much for telling us your story.

Martin (editor)

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