Burglary Story : My Garage got burgled.

Burglary Story : My Garage got burgled.

by Lenny W.

(Boise, Idaho,)

It was my garage that got burgled, they did not attempt to get into the house as there is no interconnecting door.

And you can label me a mug, I was in the very bad habit of leaving the door unlocked, with all the stuff I had in there that was a very foolish thing to do. Tools and equipment in an unlocked garage and they get stolen –- doh!

What I should have done was get the garage door lock changed. It had got rusted up or something so was very tricky, it took a lot to open it and I was a little scared that it would jam up when it was locked. So I started to close the door up but not attempt to lock it, I supposed that as long as it looked locked it would be alright. Of course I was wrong.

Now I’m going to have to replace the tools that they stole, not that they were quality but it still adds up, and on top of which I’ve just paid out to have a lock fitted ( a good one too) if only I had done that in the first place!

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Apr 11, 2009

Alarm for the garage?

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Lenny,

Well it seems like you have learned your lesson, any unlocked door is asking for trouble.

Good for you for having a quality lock fitted. Have you considered including your garage in your home alarm system? Or installing a stand alone alarm for the garage, it all helps to give you peace of mind.

Thank you very much for sharing your burglary story.

Martin (editor)

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