Solar Security Lights – Lighting to protect your home.

Solar Security Lights

Solar Security Lights save you energy cost and are friendly to the environment too!

Solar lighting does not need the electricity supply, the sun
charges up the battery and when darkness falls, your security lighting is there
ready to protect your home.

You can install solar powered security lighting anywhere that you can
install mains powered lights, plus you can install them to protect
places where it would be difficult to run a power line out to.

Not needing a supply line also means that you do not have an unsightly cable running across the walls of your house.

plus for solar powered security lights is that they work during
power outages
, so no matter if the burglar strikes when your area has a
blackout he’ll still get lit up.

Do it yourself installation is a
fairly simple job too, as there is no digging up your yard and burying

When you install your lighting, position the solar panel to get
the sunlight, not in shadow, doing so will ensure the battery fully

Many solar lights are designed with the panel separate from the
lamp, this gives you the flexibility to site the lamp unit to give the
best cover and site the solar panel to get the most daylight.

Motion Detecting Solar Security Lights.

Security lighting that is activated when movement is detected means that
should an intruder approach your home he will be bathed in light, he
won’t like that.
An intruder exposed by lighting is likely to abort his
mission to break into your home and skedaddle as fast as he can.

solar security light

Solar lights that illuminate only when movement is detected incorporate Motion Detectors.

These devices use a number of methods to detect movement, the most
usual is Passive Infra Red.

Others use a combination of movement
detection and body heat detection, this means that the system only
operates if a living being enters its surveillance area, it ignores
waving tree branches, blown debris and such like.

Night Security Lighting
that is on permanently would likely annoy you, and annoy your
neighbors. A system that lights up only when someone enters the
detection range is much more likely to get the attention of neighbors or
passers by, they can see what the burglar is doing.

permanent lighting would be likely to drain the battery supply if a
solar powered system, or be expensive to run if powered from the
electricity supply.

Motion activated solar security lights stay
lighted for a certain period and turn off when movement has ceased.

means that if a dog or cat runs through the detection area the light
does not stay on all the night.

Likewise of course with a burglar, if he
runs for it when the light exposes him then the light goes out. Should
he be foolish enough to continue to attempt to break into your property
he risks getting caught.

With most solar powered lights, the
length of time the light stays on can be adjusted, 30 seconds is
normally sufficient. Some models even allow adjustment to be made so
that dogs and other animals do not trigger the light.

What if you live somewhere that does not enjoy constant sunshine?