Telephone Security : Caution when using the phone.

Telephone Security Tips

Don’t be Careless with Your Telephone Security.

Life would be very different today without Alexander Graham Bell’s famous invention.

Without the telephone there could be no Internet, no monitored home security systems.

Contacting the emergency services would be a difficult thing and if
we needed to communicate with distant friends we would either have to
write or make a personal visit.

No doubt about it the telephone is invaluable.

It does have its dangers though.

with criminal intent make use of the phone in their efforts to part us
from our money and possessions. While the telephone is an essential part
of our lives we should keep telephone security firmly in our minds at
all times.

Answering Machines and Your Telephone Security.

the first thing that you want to think about regarding your telephone
security is another great invention, your answering machine.

Think about the message that you have recorded. Do you really want a burglar to know that you are “not at home right now?” Far better to record “We can’t get to the phone right now”

Okay, it is not the most innovative ruse and the burglar will be aware
of its use, but it does sow the seed of doubt in his mind.

If you live alone you may not want anyone of criminal intent to know that, so use “we” and not “I” in your message.

If you are female and live alone you may want to ask a male friend to record your message for you. A male voice will help deter low life seeking out females living alone. Do not use your name, even just your surname, in your message.

How long ago did you record your message? How long since you checked
it? Are you sure that you are not giving away any information that could
jeopardize your security?

Answering Your Phone.

you answer the phone never reveal to a stranger that you are home alone
no matter how genuine they appear to be or how good their reason for
wanting to know seems to be.

telephone security

Telephone Security. You cannot be too cautious with
personal information – for your security always be guarded when using
the telephone.

Burglars are known to use the phone to try and extract all sorts of
information that could be useful to them and use all kinds of ruses to
get it.

Of course, they do not phone and ask straight away if
your home is occupied during the day.

They may pose as a researcher
conducting a survey, this guise gives them the opportunity to ask for
lots of personal information.

The phony researcher will start by asking more general questions and gradually move on to personal queries “How often do you purchase home entertainment items?” Your answer could indicate to the thief that your house is full of goodies and a visit could be worth his while.

“How many hours a week do members of your household spend commuting?” So if everyone in your home commutes they are all at work in the daytime leaving a nice empty house.

“Do you have a home security system installed and if so what type is it?” Needless to say you should never answer any question like that!

Criminals may pose as someone in authority such as a town council or government official. They may pretend to be a utility company official with urgent need to speak to you. If you have any doubt about the call say that you will phone them back but do not use any number that they give you, find the number yourself.

As a twist on Distraction Burglary a criminal keeps you talking on the phone while one of his cohorts silently breaks into the back of your home.

Telephone Security and Identity Theft.

The telephone is also used to extract information from the unsuspecting for the use in Identity Theft.

Fraudulent calls are made to try and obtain bank account details, pretty
much the same as those phishing emails. Your bank, other financial
institution or the IRS would not ask for personal security information,
so be very suspicious of phone calls you receive from sources you are
not expecting.

Do not reveal passwords, PIN numbers, social security
number or other security data.

Tell them that you will phone them back. Look up their number in the book, or get it from your bank statement, do not ring any number they give you.

contacts you by phone and informs you that you have won a valuable
prize. Don’t get carried away with excitement but think whether you
actually entered the competition, most likely you did not and the whole
thing is a dupe.

Again do not give up your personal information, even in
the case where you did enter that competition.

You cannot be too cautious with personal information – for your security always be guarded when using the telephone.

Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a phone in his study, not for
reasons of telephone security however, but because he considered it an
intrusion on his real work!

Telephone Security.

Preventing Home Invasion.
Home invasion prevention involves hardening your home, being on your guard, not opening your door to strangers and being as sure as you can be about those that you allow into your home.