The Poetry Scam : Contest not what it appears to be.

Beware The Poetry Scam.

Poetry Scam Contests to Watch Out For.

you are a practicing poet and have had your work published, or are
striving to have your work published, it is quite likely you will know
at least something about the poetry contest scam.

the other hand, you may enjoy poetry, maybe you have written a little
and might be tempted to try and get your work published if you could be
convinced you had a chance.


Surfing the ‘net you may stumble upon a free poetry contest. Hey!
What can be better than free!

The site seems to encourage entries
regardless of ability, it all appears straightforward enough, and there
is no fee to participate, so you decide to enter one of your poems.

And your poem is submitted for review.

You think that your work will
have the same chance of being accepted as a snowball surviving in a
furnace, so you move on from that site, get involved with other things
on the ‘net and forget about your entry.

Some days later you have
mail. It is a nice official looking letter from the organizers of the
poetry contest.

Well what do you know! You have been been hand-picked
for publication! The publishers wants your poem to appear in their
forthcoming anthology.

The letter is full of praise, the panel of judges all agree that your work shows rare talent.

Your Poem Published.

Congratulations you are on your way to being a published poet. Or are you? Is this a poetry scam, a fraud, a poetry rip-off?

that “forthcoming anthology.” Naturally you will want to see your
poetic work in all its published glory.

If you do, then you will need to
buy a copy of the book, no free copy for you even though the selection
committee thinks your poem to be the best since Byron.

It will likely
set you back $50 or more, plus of course $10 shipping. But what the
heck, this is a luxury bound coffee table volume, and it does feature
your work.

So you drum your fingers for a while. You weigh it up.
Yes it’s a chunk of dough but, after all your work is going to be in
this luxury anthology of poems, you want to see it, you want to own it.

You submit your order, and that ensures that your poem will in fact, be
included in the book.

With this poetry scam had you not have ordered it
is unlikely that your verse would make it to publication no matter that
you had been selected as one of the finalists.

But there’s more. Do you want your biography included in the volume?
$20 extra please. How about a CD of your poem read by a well known
broadcaster complete with musical accompaniment? A mere $30 plus

You may even be invited to join a prestigious sounding
poetry society for a hefty fee, have a dozen display cards printed with
your poetic masterwork (make great gifts for your friends,) or an
expensive wall plaque honoring your achievement.

You may think “OK so it’s really me paying for my poem to be
published, self publishing by a trick route.”

You might reason that at
least your verse will get seen if it is in the anthology and, you never
know, that may lead to something. After all these books get printed in
their thousands.

Not this book, it will not get printed in any
great number. The only people who will buy it are other victims of the
poetry scam. You will not likely find it on sale in any bookstore or
available online.

This still means plenty of money for the bogus
publishers, there is the $50 or so from each victim, plus sales of the
CD’s etc.

There Are Legitimate Poetry Contests.

Are all poetry contests a poetry scam? No, there are legitimate
poetry contests out there. A legitimate contest is very likely to
require a submission fee to cover cost of prizes etc. Any prizes offered
are likely to be more modest than the bogus poetry contests.

you think about entering any contest do an Internet search and see what
you uncover about the site, there are scam poetry sites that have
dozens of web pages warning about them.

One easy way to check the
legitimacy of a contest is to enter a nonsense rhyme, just compose the
worst poem you can. If it is a scam you will be amazed to have the
nonsense entry accepted, be told that you display a unique talent and
all the flattering praise.

This test has been successfully done many
times, the entries obviously are not read by a human!

Of course,
this type of fraudulent activity is not limited to the poetry scam.
Such dummy contest are also operated for short story writing, drawing,
song writing etc.



Poetry Scam.

Roofing Scams

The bogus roofing contractor claims he has left over shingles and other
materials from the job he has just finished. If you decide to go ahead
right now you can benefit because he can use that stuff in repairing
your roof and you make a substantial saving.