LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Review

If you are looking for an easy way to monitor and also control the door of your garage then have a look at the LiftMaster Garage Door Opener review that is provided below. This garage opener is belt-driven and it works in a quiet way. It does not make the same noise like cheaper chain-drive units that can be found. You will find necessary features and more. You no longer have to stress if you have completely forgotten to close your door, as this device has a handy timer-to-close option which automatically will close your garage door. It has a strong 3/4 –horsepower motor that is able to lift doors that have various sizes. It is regarded as being a top garage door opener.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Review


This product contains a backup battery allowing you to be able to open the garage door when there is no power. This garage door opener does not make a lot of noise also.


You will only get one remote in this package. There is no keyless entry pad also.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Review

The LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener has a very powerful motor, precisely a 3/4 –horsepower one. This is so that it can lift different styles of doors, for instance heavy ones, wood ones and even a gatehouse. To not destroy the peace and tranquility of your home, the vital belt-drive system aids in making the motor work quietly and also smoothly in comparison to chain-drive openers. You therefore will not be disturbed when your garage door opens.

The LiftMaster has a timer that will automatically shut down your precious garages’ door. You can set this to five or even 10 minutes by just pressing a button. It is up to you if you want to set the timer to any time that you please, it must be below 99 minutes.
You will also get a backup battery in this package. This will let you be able to open the garage door when there is no power. You can open it 40 times with this. This makes this garage door opener perfect for places where there are many power cuts. To make it easier for you to use this system, the battery tends to automatically recharge. In this way you will not need to be concerned about its battery ending, and even about manually recharging your backup battery. To make this device even more agreeable you will see that it tends to be compatible with the specific MyQ home automation system. It is also able to function with HomeLink, that is if you possess an automobile that is later than 2012.

In this Lift Master Garage Door Opener review we mention that this product has the vital standard safety features that garage door openers need to have. It has an infrared beam which is able to project across your garage door’s base and opens your garage door if something passes it. In this way the fear of children and pets being trapped beneath the door is reduced. To make it safer, this door is made to be sensitive when it experiences pressure. Due to this the opener tends to go back and opens the door when it feels anything preceding touching the ground.

To make your door safe from hackers, the remote employs the vital Security+ 2.0 system. This is an amazing series containing more than a billion rolling codes which tend to reset whenever your door is opened. In this way you can be confident that your doors’ code has less chances of experiencing hacking. There is a handy motion sensor within the control panel which is able to automatically switch on your lights. You therefore do not need to try and wander in a garage that is dark.


This garage door opener has a 3-button remote along with a handy digital Smart Control Panel. This will let you program the light duration, the clock, along with the timer. The time along with the temperature on the handy digital display can also be seen. It does not have a keyless entry pad. If you wish to get more remote controls plus a precise keyless entry pad then you need to buy these. This system has two 100-watt light bulbs that are present on each side of your main unit. This will let you have some light. These lights will automatically turn off proceeding 4.5 minutes from being activated. You will therefore have time to go inside your home easily. LiftMaster has various products that aid in enhancing security.

There is a complaint about this product’s MyQ feature, that it only works when purchasing other items. This product tended to not work with a customer’s Car2U also until they brought an extra repeater. This product’s internet feature connection tends to be free only for around one year. A complaint is also seen about the lights which tend to burn out quickly.
There are also positive reviews present about this product with customers claiming that it has amazing features and works perfectly with limited noise. Customers tend to like its auto lights feature, its ability to function when there is no power, the ability for it to work via the internet, etc.

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It is necessary to read customer reviews before purchasing a product. Overall after reading the LiftMaster Garage Door Opener review you can figure out whether this product will be essential for you to buy. It is regarded as being a top garage door opener. If your garage door is a heavy one and you are looking for a quiet opener then this LiftMaster one is a good one to buy.