Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Review

The Chamberlain Garage Door Opener review will help you in figuring out whether this particular garage door opener is good for your home. It does have some amazing features for instance you will be able to handle your garage door opener with your mobile. There are other features of this product which you may find suitable for your garage. Read on to find out more.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Review


The efficient Chamberlain WD962KEV Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener has its very own Wi-Fi radio along with the ability to connect to the handy MyQ mobile app so as to allow you to have remote access of your garage’s door. You will get a handy battery backup with this product. This product has a strong 1 ¼ -horsepower motor, moreover it employs a belt drive that does not make much noise.


It is quite tough to install this garage door opener, the same case with most openers. If you are aiming to just get smart home garage door processes then this Chamberlain one is not a wonderful upgrade. By reading the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener review you will see why this opener is not an amazing update for a garage opener that is good which you already have.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Review

With this Chamberlain Garage Opener you will get all the necessary hardware needed for installing any garage door opener that will allow you to control it precisely from your own mobile device. By employing the handy Chamberlain MyQ app it is able to link with Android along with iOS phones plus tablets. The connection is so deep that it will be possible for you to open as well as shut your garage door when you are online, in any place. To keep your garage secure, this opener along with its app will be able to inform you when your garages’ door experiences any activity.
In this package you will get a complete garage door opener. It is not very easy to install this opener. It is a good idea to buy this opener if you want to fully replace an old-fashioned system, moreover if you plan to employ its vital connected home capabilities. It is not a good idea to exchange an amazing opener for this precise one’s smart home abilities alone as you can purchase Chamberlain’s add-on kit.
This system has a strong 1 ¼ -horsepower motor that will power the vital lift system. This is a huge benefit of this product in comparison to some other average door openers. With this opener heavier doors will be able to be opened. On top of this muscular units tend to stay for longer also, due to the fact that the limited amount of work that an electric motor needs to do, the longer it is expected to survive. This opener also works quietly keeping the peace of your home.
Coming on to its handy backup battery, you will be able to operate your garage door with this when there is no power. It can do this for around one or even two days. This battery keeps on charging when your opener will be connected to your AC outlet. It will be completely charged in 24 hours.
It is tough to install this product, but not too tough to activate its smart home features. You can have a wireless signal of your home internet device present within your garage. After this you can press the Wi-Fi learning mode, leading to the device broadcasting its very own wireless network signal. You can then use your phone to click to this network. After this you can go to Chamberlain’s MyQ site. You can then follow the instructions. It is also a bit tough to add your garage door openers to the vital MyQ app. It is rather easy to control the openers. You can also get email as well as app notifications for when your garage door tends to open plus close. You can choose the timeframe precisely for when to receive these. You may also switch them off fully. MyQ tends to support various smart home platforms for instance Nest plus Wink.


This garage opener has a similar look to various Chamberlain typesof garage door openers. This particular opener has been made to mount on precise support brackets. These can be on the ceiling of your garage door or on your particular garage door. There is an oval-shaped vital electrical motor housing which you will get when buying this product. There is also a long rail mechanism which has this device’s necessary plastic belt. Infrared sensors are also present, precisely a pair. These need to be wired specifically to this devices’ main motor housing. Looking at the sensors, they have a safety function, being there to be aware of whether there are any objects or individuals that are blocking the area of your open garage door.
You will also get a handy wall-mounted type of door control panel which will have to be wired in a direct way precisely to the vital central unit. There will be two visor remotes which will be standard ones. Each one will have three programmable buttons. These remotes can be set to be able to handle more than one garage doors, along with toggling your opener’s lights particularly on plus off. There will be a handy wireless numeric keypad also which will let you have keyless as well as remote less entry along with an effective four-digit PIN which will be programmable.

Customer Reviews

From looking at the reviews on Amazon it can be seen that many customers liked this product, nevertheless there were a few bad reviews about this product also. There was a complaint that this product is not as fast as it claims to be. There was also a complaint about its Wi-Fi system. This product may not be able to function with vehicles that are new. Overall customers said that it is a quiet opener that is amazing and simple to install.

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With the Chamberlain Garage Opener you do not need to worry if you have left your garage door open as you can close it from a remote location. After reading the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener review you can figure out whether it is a good idea to invest in this product.