10 Best Penlight Reviews

10 Best Penlight Reviews

There are a lot of penlights on the market today, but it is not easy to find the best penlights for a good price. Widely used by doctors for a various things, penlights may also be used for a lot of different jobs, and may be used by everyone. So, this 10 Best Penlight Reviews list is here to present you the very best models on the market today.

Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Professional PenLite

Welch Allyn
Considered as the best medical penlight, Welch Allyn Professional PenLite is the most widely used by doctors and nurses at the hospitals. This model is used by the doctors who don’t want to use cheap and not quality penlights, since it has incandescent bulb. This thing gives better tissue color rendition, and that may be very important both for the doctors and nurses. It comes with the specific design modifications, which makes this model great for the medical field. Switch is greatly made, so it is impossible for it to be turned on while in your pocket.

Streamlight Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight with Nylon Holster

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight
Streamlight is one of the most respectable manufacturers of flashlight in the world. Hundreds of satisfied customers made this brand one of the best at the market today, since it has almost everything you need. The price is a lot cheaper than the previous one, but that doesn’t mean this model is bad. On the contrary, it has 1/2-watt, 50,000-hour high-flux LED an new C4 LED technology. It has a durable construction, and most important, lifetime limited warranty. This model is sized same as a standard pen, and it very reliable. The Streamlight Stylus is almost indestructible and has a great brightness which is its advantage compared to the other models. It uses AAAA batteries, so that makes its light thinner than all of the others penlights.

Streamlight Penlight with Pocket Clip and White LED

Streamlight 65018 Stylus
As I said above, streamlight is one of the most popular brands on the market today, so you can’t make a mistake if you buy this one. This model is water-proof, and has kulred grip, machine aluminum case. IT comes with the glare guard protector, which is very important thing. High intensity LED will provide you more than 100,000 hours of light. Same as the previous model, this one has a durable construction, as well as the lifetime limited warranty. The price is not much for a penlight with such powerful performance. This model is made to last long, and can be used in extreme conditions.

Zitrades Penlight Pocket Medical LED Flashlight

Zitrades Penlight Pocket Medical LED Flashlight with
This model is one of the best on the market, when you compare the price and the quality. Zitrades Penlight Pocket Medical LED Flashlight is one of the most popular models by the doctors and nurses today. It will give you anything you need, for a reasonable price, and it is made to last long. This model is easy to use, and the pre-focused pinpoint lens directly illuminates eyes, ears and throat. It has a stylish and quality design, so this may be the perfect penlight for you.

Escolite Medical Led Penlight with Pupill Gauge Reusable

Escolite Medical Led Penlight
This model is lightweight and compact, and is highly used in medical cases, but also may be used for a various applications. This reusable LED penlight can illuminate eyes, throat or ears. It has dual function pocket clip design, as well as the button tail switch, which offers you one-handed operation.

Escolite Medical Led Penlight uses AAAA batteries, which may be hard to find in most stores, but can be ordered online. This model is one of the most popular on the 10 Best Penlight Reviews list.

Zitrades Medical Reusable LED Penlight

Zitrades Medical Reusable
Zitrades Medical Reusable LED Penlight gives you great quality for affordable price. It can last very long, and it is easy to use, so that makes it one of the most popular models on the market today. It will provide you extra brightness, and that is its most important quality of this model. The customers are in love with it, and for the price you get top quality and stylish and interesting design. This penlight may provide you everything you need, for a much smaller amount of money when you compare it to another high quality penlights.

Hatori 3PC Reusable LED Penlight with Pupil Gauge

Hatori 3PC Reusable LED Penlight
This model is perfect for nurses, medical students and home use. This LED pen will provide you solid quality for a relatively small price. It is activated by the push button, and has metal construction that will last for a long time. This model features pupil gauge imprint on the side that you will love. The customers are generally satisfied with this model, so this may be a good choice for you.

QIBOX Medical First Aid Flashlight Torch Emergency Pen Light

QIBOX Medical First Aid LED Penlight Flashlight
Widely regarded as one of the most popular models on the market, QIBOX┬« Medical First Aid LED Penlight will provide you quality and durability. It is easy to use, as it has clip to hold it on your uniform, and push-button that can’t be activated while in your pocket. When you compare the price and the quality, this model is one of the best ones on the 10 Best Penlight Reviews.

Eveready Pen LED Energizer

Eveready EVEPLED23AEH Pen LED Energizer
This model has one watt lifetime LED bulb that you won’t have to change. Bulb of this model is 12 times brighter than the standard one, and that makes it one of the most selling models on the market. For that amount of money, you will get a solid penlight.

Prestige Medical Pupil Gauge Led Penlight

Prestige Medical 214
This model is often used by doctors and nurses, and is very popular on the market. It has quality LED illumination and includes 1-AAA battery. as well as the pupil gauge imprint on the side.
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Buying a quality and reliable penlight is never easy, so I hope that these 10 Best Penlight Reviews helped you in your decision.