10 Best Handheld Flashlight Reviews

10 Best Handheld Flashlight Reviews

Get the best handheld flashlight you can find, for flashlights are an essential part of any home. They can be used for simple things to the special work in military or law enforcement. There is a big difference when it comes to the power of the light so it is hard to choose the right one. There are many 10 best handheld flashlight reviews, but in this one you will find every each information you need.

Crank Dynamo FM/AM Radio Receiver Emergency Flashlight

Crank Dynamo FMAM

This is excellent flashlight that weighs 114g and has built in battery of 3.7V, actually Lithium polymer battery. Great thing is that you will get radio built in this flash light. Radio frequency range is FM88-108MHz, AM522-1656KHz, so you can listen to music when camping. LEDs are white and speakers have 0.5W. This is a great price for an excellent product.

5 Modes Cree T6 3000LM LED Powerful Tactical Flashlight

5 Modes Cree T6 3000LM

Made out of high quality metal aluminum, this waterproof flashlight will last you for years. Type of LED is Cree T6. It includes 3 AAA batteries that are not included in the packaging. Switches on and off have to be heavily pressed and that is the only problem of this flashlight. This model includes five modes, high, middle, low, strobe and SOS. It is advised to remove battery if you don’t use it for a long period, and it is good to know that even though is waterproof, that doesn’t mean you can use it in the water.

LED Flashlight Spiked Mace Police Bat

NEW 3 Modes LED Flashlight

This is really interesting looking flashlight with excellent features. It is Zoomable with Q5 LED and maximum brightness of 2000 lumens. Even though it is water resistant, but don’t use it in water for a long time. Material is high quality aluminum and switch is located on the middle of the body. There are 3 switch modes, high, weak and strobe and it uses one battery, but it is not included in the packaging. This model weighs 410 grams.

Police Alarm Self-defense Camping Flashlight


This model presents to us self-defense flashlight you will love. It has creed xm-lt6 emitter type and brightness of 200 lumens. This model has five modes, and it requires one battery that is not included in the packaging. The reflector is aluminum smooth and material of which is this flashlight made is aluminum ally. This flashlight has black and yellow color and lenses are made out of coated glass.

Hand Crank FM Radio multifunctional Flashlight

Hand Crank FM

Hand Crank multifunctional flashlight has pretty convenient solar charging and the voltage of it is 5.5V. It requires strong sunlight and you can charge it in three hours, and if you want to charge it with USB charger, charging will last at least 5 hours. Battery is rechargeable, and that is nice, since you won’t have to buy new battery every time it goes down. There is also a radio, so you can listen to a music while hiking, and speaker voltage is 0.25. This model cost 39.38, and it is maybe a bit high price.

Mini Flashlight Trust Fire P05 600

Mini Flashlight Trust Fire

This is the most popular model among all 10 best handheld flashlight Reviews, and it has reasons for that. It is made out of aviation aluminum alloy and switch is place on the tail. Since it weighs only 71g, you can carry it around and use it in any camping activity. You can even place it on a gun and use it like that, but it is best for outdoor sporting. Price is great since you will get durability and great performance in a small device.

Cree T6 3000LM LED 5 Modes Power Flashlight Torch

Cree T6 3000LM

Cree T6 3000LM is made out of high-quality metal aluminum and the type of LED is Cree T6, brightness is 3000LM and one battery is needed, but it is not included in the packaging. This model weighs only 125 g, so you can carry it around without fuss. Switch has to be pressed heavily to turn on and off, and it has five modes, high, middle, low, strobe and SOS.

Led Flashlight 2800LM Lanterna Torch Light

CREE C8 XM L2 Led Flashlight

Made out of high quality material, this handheld flashlight model is very durable and it will last you years. It has five switch modes, middle, low, strobe, SOS and high. This flashlight works on voltage of 4.2V and LED can last 10,000 hours and that is impressive. It only needs one battery, but it can be bought separate from this packaging.

Led Flashlight Lanterna Torch Light Camping Lampe Torch


Unlike other handheld flashlight models, this model is actually a torch lamp and it can be use as a camping outdoor light. It is made out of plastic, but doesn’t mean it won’t last you a long time. Size is 17 x 95.85mm and it weighs 235g. In the packaging is only the lamp, so you will have to buy battery separately.

Mini Flashlight Hugsby

Mini Flashlight Hugsby
In the last place of this list is mini flashlight Hugsby, but that doesn’t mean it is less good than others. It is made out of aircraft aluminum and besides that you can use it under water, since it is waterproof. This model also requires one AAA battery, and it is so small that weighs 21g.
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Whether you want to find lost things in your house, or if you if you want to travel into a dark place, you will need a flashlight. But with handheld flashlight, you will have security all the time, and whichever you choose from the 10 best handheld flashlight reviews, you will not go wrong.