10 Best Mortise Locks

10 Best Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are the most popular locks and well known worldwide. But what if you want to find out the best which are best of mortise locks? This list of 10 best mortise locks from our mortise lock reviews will tell you everything you need to know.

Marks 22AC/3-W-LHR Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset Iron Gate Double Cylinder

Marks 22AC3-W-LHR
This is a left hand double cylinder mortise lockset and it more than great. It has two solid brass cylinders and 2 keys. Polished brass finish makes it looks modern and stylish, and it will perfectly fit with any home decor. This is a universal lock set, so it doesn’t require any modification, and it is very easy and simple to install. You will be also satisfied with its quality and looks.

Marks Metro 91A/3 Right Hand Heavy Duty Mortise Entry Lockset

Marks Metro 91A3
On the second place of 10 best mortise locks list is the Marks Metro lockset and it is more than great. It is right hand mortise lockset and it has brass plates. It uses modern key system and you can duplicate key in your local hardware store. It is pretty solid lock set and it has classic design, meaning that it will fit any home decor.

Wright Products VMT115PB SERENADE Style Brass Mortise Set

Wright Products VMT115PB SERENADE
This lock set replaces most of mortise style locks and it fits out-swinging metal storms 1 to 1-1/2 inches thick. This is one of the most universal lockset available on the market, so if you are not sure which lock you need, buy this one, you will not make a mistake. It is available in Brass and Satin Nickel finishes. It is very easy to install and you will feel safe having this lock on your front door.

Prime-Line Products E 2330 Keyed Mortise Lock Set

Prime-Line Products E 2330
Steel construction of this lock set will make you feel safe in your home. It has nickel plated steel trim plates and hardened steel caste. It uses a bolt that is key activated from both inside and outside. It is pretty easy to install and it will look great on wooden door. It comes with one year warranty so you won’t have to worry about breaking or not working. Price of this lock set is more than satisfying.

Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Lock Set, Keyed

Prime-Line Products E 2495
This is probably the most stabile mortise lock on this 10 best mortise locks. If you want stability and classic design, this is the lock for you. It can be used for both left and right hand installation and lock bolt key is activated from outside and inside. Polished brass finish adds to serious design and steel case mortise assembly is adds to stability. It is a great bargain.


Wright Products VMT115SN SERENADE
This reversible door lock can fit for both left and right hinged doors. You will get matching exterior and interior finish, so that eliminates need to match paint color. It fits doors that are 1-1/8″ to 2″ tick and it has adjustable backset for either 3/4″ or 1″ back sets. And one of the most important things, high luster metallic finish will perfectly fit any home decor.

Prime-Line Products E 2497 Mortise Lock Set with Glass Knob, Keyed, Classic Bronze

Prime-Line Products E 2497
This model is almost the same like previous, but with some differences. It can be used for both left and right hand installations, and with classic bronze trim this lock set will fit with any home decor. It has steel case mortise assembly and lock bolt is key activated from outside and inside. It also has stylish glass knob, but installing can be little bit hard, so pay attention to that. Price of this nice model is a pretty good deal.

Prime-Line Products E 2496 Keyed Mortise Lock Set with Glass Knob

Prime-Line Products E 2496
Easy to install and stylish design, you will love this door lock. It has cast steel construction and sating nickel finish with glass knob that will light up every door on which you install it. You will get, besides the lock, fasteners for easy and quick installation, so you won’t have to call technician. Customers had complaints, though, about quality of which this knob is made, so beware of that.

Prime-Line Products E 2311 Mortise Caselock Assembly with Fluted Glass Knobs

Prime-Line Products
This lock has fluted glass knob so it with this stylish design you can easily make it proud part of your home. It has steel case mortise assembly and polished brass trim. It doesn’t matter if you have left or right door open, this door lock can be assembled on both sides. You can activate lock bolt with key from inside and outside.

Prime-Line Products E 2293 Mortise Lockset

Prime-Line Products E 2293
Prime Line really gave their best to meet the standards for best home safety with this lock. It can be used for left or right open door and the polished brass finish makes this lock look stylish and modern. It has steel case mortise assembly and if you needed to know lock bolt is key activated from both inside and outside.

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Finding a door lock that fits can be a really exhausting work, so it is good to know what to expect and look. In this 10 best mortise locks you can find out everything you need to know about locks based on our mortise lock reviews, and then you can choose the one you like the best. Good luck!