10 Best Keypad Locks

If you want to improve security in your home, you can do that by buying a new door lock, and keypad door locks are the best way to go. Our keypad lock reviews cover many more than the 10 best keypad locks we have shortlisted here for you.

10 Best Keypad Locks

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619
One of the best door locks on the market today is Yale Security door lock, and it has good reasons for that. This lock even speaks three different languages: English, French and Spanish and with auto re-lock function you can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button. It can store up to 25 customized entry codes and the transitional design complements any door. Great thing is that you can lock or unlock your door from your smartphone. For this and more great features, Yale door lock is on the first place of this list.

2 SCYAN x7 Fingerprint Keyless Keypad Door Lock

Scyan has pretty great door locks and this model is one of the best. It is made in USE and besides keypad it alos has biometric fingerprint unlock feature, so you won’t need keys ever again. Reversible handle means that it can fit on both left and right handed door. Only problem is that if you want to install it you will have to drill two small extra holes.

MaxGrade MKPLLON11H Electronic Keypad Lever Lockset with Remote Fob

This nice and stylish looking door lock is meant for standard 2 1/8″ door prep, and you won’t need to drill additional holes. It has auto locking feature which will enchase security at your house and with lifetime mechanical warranty you will have a lifelong door lock. It requires 4 AA batteries and since it has low battery warning, you will know when to change it.

Master Lock DSKP0612PD Keyless Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad and Kwikset Keyway, Aged Bronze

Master Lock DSKP0612PD
This door lock is probably the safest door lock on this 10 best keypad door locks. It has BumpStop advanced cylinder technology which is specially made to resist bump attacks. It is ideal for outside doors, since it is engineered for outdoor conditions, and since it can store up to 20 user codes, you can share some of them with the guests. Easly used and with standard programming, this door lock will perfectly fit any household.

LockState LS-DB500R-SN Electronic Deadbolt with Remote

LockState LS-DB500R-SN

This door lock has pretty great feature, besides keypad you can unlock it with radio frequency remote control. This remote can work from up to 30 feet away and with optional auto locking function you can be more than sure that your house is safe. Illuminated keypad is there so you can see in the middle of the night, and one year warranty is more than enough so ensure you that you bought the right thing.

Schlage FE595CS V PLY 626 ELA Plymouth Light Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock

Schlage FE595CS V PLY 626 ELA
This in very simple and stylish looking door lock and it has illuminated keypad so you can easy unlock the door in the middle of the night. You won’t ever need keys and with unique 6 digit programming code, the security in your house is at remarkable level. Includes 9 volt battery and that battery will last you over three years, so you don’t have to worry about changing it so often.

LockState LS-L500-SN Electronic Keypad Lever Door Lock

LockState LS-L500-SN
This door lock has illuminated auto locking function that relocks after door opening and also illuminated keypad so you can see in the middle of the night. Reversible lock will provide you installing on both right and left handed doors and you will also get in the packaging 2 emergency override keys. Very easy to install and operate, this is the best you will get.

Right Handed Digital Combination Keypad Door Lock with Backup Keys

Right Handed Digital Combination Keypad
If you are sick of losing key and forgetting them at different places, then this is a lock for you. It has easy installation and programmable different codes to give each guest of employee. There is also rain proof design and since it can operate both inside and outside, you can install this lock everywhere. You should probably know that this model doesn’t have a long life span.

Electronic Keyless Door Lock Set – Satin Nickel (For Left-Hinged Doors Only)

Electronic Keyless Door Lock Set
If you buy this lock you won’t need drilling to replace old door lock, this model has simplified easy installation and it can be installed below any existing deadbolt. It has easy to read illuminated keypad and manual keyed emergency bypass. You can unlock it with one or two user programmable codes and you can change it easily whenever necessary. This door lock is for left hinged door only, though.

SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock, Adjustable latch backset 2 3/8-Inch to 2 3/4-Inch

SoHoMiLL YL 99
This very easy and simple to install key lock. It has easy set up and up and three types of codes, master code, passage code and up to 8 user codes, they are all controlled by your code. It is designed for Do it yourself installation, and it can easily replace most existing door locks. It has Auto lock from outside in three seconds after entry so you will get maximum security.

When home security is at stake, you have to choose wisely and find best solution that will keep your home safe. These 10 best keypad door lock will provide you all safety and security you need, so whether you choose the lock from tenth place or first place you will not make a mistake.