10 Best MagLite Flashlight Reviews

If you are interested in the MagLite line then have a look at this 10 best MagLite flashlight reviews. This line has been present from 1979. It is an American company known for making quality flashlights.

MagLite Mini with Holster

1. MagLite Mini with Holster
It has an aluminum alloy type of body containing weather-resistant seals. It has a 3 watt type of LED bulb. 2 AA alkaline batteries are able to power this flashlight. This flashlight has a sophisticated diamond knurled design and is made from amazing quality craftsmanship. You will get a strong projecting beam which is able to go from spot precisely to flood only by turning its head. The multi-mode electronic switch lets you toggle among a maximum power type of setting along with a precise 25% power setting so as to conserve the battery power specifically for reading when it is nighttime, and even for any emergency that is lengthy. This light features the new amazing MAG-LED type of technology. Professionals as well as consumers are targeted customers for this flashlight. It has been aimed to make this light very strong so as to stay for a long time. Many positive customer reviews are present concerning this product. An example of a negative customer review is one where a customer thinks that this flashlight has a flawed design.

MagLite XL50 Flashlight

2. MagLite XL50 Flashlight
This flashlight can be brought in some colors, its price alters with the colors. You can utilize this particular flashlight when you go camping as well as hiking. It has a focusing beam that is powerful. It has an amazing rugged machined type of aluminum case so as to make it durable. To make it more strong it also is water along with shock-resistant. It is anodized so as to be corrosion resistant as well as durable. You will get a strong projecting LED beam with this flashlight. To make it easy to carry it has a compact design that can fit in your pocket. These flashlights are individually serial numbered and claim to employ power in an efficient way. This flashlight claims to be simple to utilize. There is a pushbutton type of tail cap switch. A complaint about this flashlight is that it does not have a wrist strap. Lots of customer positive reviews are present.

MagLite XL200 Flashlight

3. MagLite XL200 Flashlight
You will get five selectable modes with this flashlight, i.e. high power, strobe, plus night light, signal as well as SOS.It has a beam distance that is 138 meters specifically at 173 lumens. It has a rugged machined kind of aluminum construction along with being anodized within and also outside so as to enhance its corrosion resistance. This flashlight has been sealed precisely at both ends. This has been done with amazing high-grade type of rubber o-rings along with lip seals. You will get an adjustable beam with this flashlight. One customer claims that it needs time so as to learn the way to utilize this flashlight.

MagLite Solitaire

4. MagLite Solitaire
This flashlight claims to be made from superior quality type of craftsmanship. It has awesome weather-resistant type of seals along with being anodized within as well as outside so as to make it more corrosion resistant. It has an adjustable and also strong light beam. It is able to fit within pockets and also purses. Its compact design encompasses a vital premium alkaline battery that has a keychain lanyard along with a handy spare lamp that is within the tail cap. This flashlight is drop resistant along with water resistant. It is known for being durable as well as having a good quality. You can employ it for fishing, camping, hunting and more activities. Its price changes with color. 1 AAA battery is needed which is in this package. Look carefully at this flashlights size before buying it.

10 Best MagLite Flashlight Reviews: MagLite ML25LT 3-C Cell

5. 10 Best MagLite Flashlight Reviews MagLite ML25LT 3-C Cell
With the 3-C Cell ML25LT black flashlight you will get a strong focusing beam which is able to adjust from precisely spot to flood and that with only turning its head. The head is a simple twist one and is able to switch on as well as off. The feature of hands free candle mode is present. This flashlights material is metal.

Mini AA Flag-Lite

6. Mini AA Flag-Lite
Showing the design of the American flag, this flashlight has the convenient candle mode and also a spare lamp that is within the tail cap. It is efficiently O-ring sealed so as to be water-resistant. The handy vented tail cap limits the probability of gas buildup. You will get the 2 AA batteries that are needed for this flashlight. The bulb is an incandescent one. You will get a light beam that is a vital high-intensity one. There is the ½ turn, twist focus, plus spot-to-flood along with candle mode in this flashlight. It has a strong aluminum alloy case. This flashlight is rather compact as well as lightweight. You will get a useful nylon holster with this flashlight.

MagLite ML 125

7. MagLite ML 125
Claiming to be environmentally friendly, this flashlight is rather simple to employ. You will get an amazing sleek design that is simple. You can store as well as keep this flashlight easily. You will get a portable battery charger, NiMH battery pack along with AC converter. You can employ the battery pack or even C-Cell alkaline type of batteries. The beam distance is 273m by utilizing the alkaline batteries or 258m when employing the rechargeable battery. You will get 197 lumens with the alkaline batteries along with 189 lumens with the rechargeable ones.

Mag-Tac CR123 Crowned-Bezel

8. Mag-Tac CR123 Crowned-Bezel
Present in the 10 best MagLite flashlight reviews, this flashlight has a tactical type of design. You will get the momentary, full power along with strobe modes. It gives off 320 lumens of light. Its color is matte black. You will need 3 lithium type of metal batteries that are in this package. It has an aggressive knurled type of design. This flashlight has an amazing stealth matte finish and has weather-resistant seals. It has a handy Quick Clik type of push button. This flashlight is also shock-resistant. This flashlight has 320 lumens precise output. The beam distance is 193 m.

ML300LX 3-D Cell

9. ML300LX 3-D Cell
This flashlight has a handy multi-mode type of electronic switch. You will get the momentary, full power as well as low power, plus ECO along with strobe modes. This lights beam distance is 406 m. It has an advanced focus system that is able to adjust specifically from spot precisely to flood. The activity based function sets encompass general, outdoor, tactical along with law enforcement. On high this light can run for 16 hours, on low it will run for 77 hours and on ECO it will run for 117 hours. This light has the Quick Clik option so that you can pick the power you want. This flashlight’s design is an aggressive knurled type of one and it has an anodized aluminum type of body with a stealth matte amazing finish. It also has handy water-resistant seals. This light is shock-resistant also. You will get 625 lumens with this light. The beam distance is 406 m. You will need 3 D batteries for this flashlight.

MagLite Heavy-Duty

10. MagLite Heavy-Duty
This flashlight features a self-cleaning rotary switch. You will get the on, off as well as signal option. Its batteries need to be purchased on their own. This specific flashlight contains a spare lamp that tends to be properly secured within the tail cap. The o-ring sealed characteristic makes this light water -resistant. 6 D batteries are needed for this particular flashlight.

The MagLite line focuses on different types of flashlights. You can see that MagLite flashlights usually are high-quality ones with not many customer complaints. This line can be said to be a good line that is based within America. If you like its products then you can choose one from the above 10 best MagLite flashlight reviews. You need to consider some factors before buying a flashlight. These can include whether you want one with a laser, or one that is water-resistant, its bulb type, etc. It depends on what you wish to employ the flashlight for.