Best Digital Door Locks

Home security is a big deal, and because of that you have to think twice about locks you are buying. If you don’t like keys and you want an ultra safe lock, these 10 best digital door locks are what you need.

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10 Best Digital Door Locks

Irevo Gateman F300-fh Digital Door Lock

Irevo Gateman F300-fh
And the first place on this list goes to the Irevo Gateman and it has good reasons for that. It has fingerprint authentication speed of less than one second and it ant-fire feature will keep your house more than safe. There is also Theft warning and quick menu setup, so you won’t be lost among endless menu options. It also has battery replacement indicator, fake pin function and voice information function.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 Fingerprint Push Pull Two Way Latch Mortise

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718
This model brings innovation on the market, and that innovation is Push Pull feature. You will not have classic door open, so you won’t have to turn, but Push or Pull. It has dual password and fingerprint scanning input and double authentication mode. This model can recognize 100 fingerprints and this model can be prefect addition to your small company.

SAMSUNG EXON Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230

And again, Samsung made an excellent door lock that will make you feel secure. It has heavy duty fingerprint sensor using white light technology and it is able to delete fingerprints, which is great if you gave someone limited access. You can combine pin and fingerprint to make strong passcode for access. Only problem can be bad customer service, so pay attention what you are buying because of that.

August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

August Smart Lock
This model presents to us some innovations which will make its customers very happy. It has secure access using iOs or Android smartphone. Very easy to install and very discreet, you won’t even notice it on your home doors so it will not ruin your home decor. It only works with single cylinder deadbolts, so pay attention to that when buying this lock.

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 Electronic Touchscreen Lock

Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619
Yale really did a good job with this unit. It has transitional design and it will perfectly fit to any door. Auto re-lock function can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button. You can store up to 25 customized entry codes and the best thing that this lock can be installed in several minutes with just a screw driver and since it fits on standard doors, you won’t have a problem with finding a perfect match.

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 – Universal Deadbolt Lock

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320
Another Samsung model made its way to this 10 best digital door locks list. This model has access with user pin code, mechanical override key and RFID card. It is best to use it for the door that have thickness of 35-55 mm and with Intrusion Detection and Random Security Code, you can be sure that you house is in a safe hands.

SAMSUNG SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

This is awesome unit and it has several great features. Safe from electric shocks, Crime settings feature, Intrusion detection alarm sound and Fire Dectetion sensor feature, all of these features will make your more than safe. Automatic lock is also a great feature because you will not have to worry about forgetting to lock the door, since they will automatically lock as soon as it is closed.

Danalock Integrated Smartlock for Bluetooth Low Energy and Z-Wave

Danalock Integrated Smartlock
This door lock can send unlimited keys to family, friends and visitor and you can choose if you want to give them limited of full access to your home. It has highest level of encrypted security available on the market. Very easy and simple to install, you will simply love this door lock. You can monitor detail log of all activities, you will feel safe even if you are not in the house.

Milre MI-350D Keyless Electronic Digital Door Lock Champagne Gold

Milre MI-350D(CHAMP)
Milre door lock is stylish and beautiful designed door lock that will make your house very pretty and safe. It includes four digital keys and it has two ways of accessing, secret code and digital key. You will also get low battery indicator and keypad flash function so you can see keypad even in the middle of the night.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321
This door lock is touch screen based and it has several access methods, such and password, KeyTag, Credit Card and more. It has also dual-way security through magic number and Safe from electric shocks feature. There is also intrusion detection audible alarm and Crime setting feature to prevent intrusions in your home, when you are going out. This digital door lock will make you feel more than safe.

Finding a right door lock can be crucial for home safety, and digital door locks are the feature of home security. These 10 best digital door locks are the best you can get and whichever you choose you will not regret it.