10 Best Bicycle GPS Trackers

10 Best Bicycle GPS Trackers

If you ever wondered, what the very best GPS trackers for bicycles are, then you need to keep reading. You may want to use bicycle GPS trackers for multiple reasons. These reasons include not just the ability to track your bicycle’s location, but also aspects like the speed of your bicycle and distance travelled. Once you upload such data, the relevant programme can display your route, speed, elevation and such using maps.

You can also make progress rapidly and improve your cycling by using the summarized data from your bike GPS. The very best GPS trackers for bicycles provide plenty of functionalities, attractive designs, and are often easy to install.

Garmin Edge 500 Bike GPS

The small and lightweight GPS bicycle tracker helps you follow your bicycle’s speed, distance, position, altitude, climb, descent rate and your heart beat rate. As a very useful portable device, this can be used for precise data on climb and descent thanks to its barometric altimeter. Its ANT+i heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor gets you a terrific analysis of your ride.
Your speed, distance, time, altitude, climb, descent, cadence are recorded by Edge 500.

Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer


Like other similar models, Garmin Edge 200 helps you track time, distance, speed, location and calories burned. You can save as much as 130 hours of data from your rides and sort your activities so that you can look up the fastest, longest or latest ride. A feature called Courses allows you to challenge your previous rides. Your speed compared to your past performance as well as an indication showing how far ahead or behind you are is visible. Charts, illustrations, reports and maps show such information.

Garmin Edge 20 GPS Bike Computer

As with other Garmin Edge GPS bicycle computers, the Edge 20 allows you to track time, distance, location, speed and calories burned. Moreover, it works with both GPS and GLONASSii networks. As an added benefit, it is small and light, making it the right choice for travel on bicycles. The battery lasts up to 10 hours at a stretch. Using the courses feature, you can challenge your own time on earlier rides, follow new rides or download rides from other Connect users for a virtual competition.

Garmin Edge 510 Touchscreen GPS Bicycle Computer


This sleek, lightweight gadget comes with a 2.2’’ touchscreen and a rather easy to use and follow interface. Features of Connect include live tracking, instant uploads, social network sharing and weather updates. With a simple swipe of the touchscreen, you can setup your Edge 510 to show exactly what you need. The ANT+ can show your power output, in watts, as you exercise on top of the regular distance, speed, heart rate, cadence, and a rather comprehensive analysis.
Definitely a top choice for eager bicyclists, the Garmin Edge 510 Touchscreen is waterproof and rugged. Its battery lasts 20 hours, on top of that. Even when your finger is wet, you can use the touchscreen without any problems.

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer

Another sleek and lightweight model from Garmin with 2.6″ colour touchscreen and a simple user interface makes this a particularly attractive choice. You can track speed, distance, time, location, elevation and its battery lasts an impressive 17 hours. The Connect mobile app from Garmin lets you upload ride data instantly. As a rugged and waterproof device that is also easy to use with wet fingers, this is one of the best bicycle computers around.

Cateye Adventure AT200W Wireless Bike Computer 2015

Cateye Adventure AT200W Wireless bicycle computer stands out due to the numerous functionalities on offer. You can measure the sea level altitude, trip altitude gain, slope in terms of percentage, temperature, current speed, average speed and maximum speed with this GPS tracker. Its interface is easy to use and intuitively appealing. Mountain biking is made specially easier with Cateye’s Adventure AT200W bicycle computer. On top of that, it is also easy to install.

Cateye Strada Wireless

Because the Cateye Strada is wireless, it stands out from the rest of the crowd in its design, elegance and power of appeal. The device can be mounted on any handlebar or stem easily, thanks in no small part to the innovative FlexTight bracket.
Regular functions like current speed, average speed and maximum speed, trip distance, elapsed time, 12/24 hour clock, and an odometer are available. More importantly, it is only 4.5X3X1 cm in size. Pressing the screen helps you toggle modes. Due the use of a wireless sensor and its compactness, it provides the simplest set up. Its accuracy and durability are other selling points.

Sigma Sport Rox 6.0 06170 Bike Computer

This one’s billed as a training companion for all occasions. Providing comprehensive altitude measurement functions, it can show the heart rate and speed. Regular functionalities like current speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance, current cadence, average cadence, heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate and such are all easily obtained. Its battery lasts a good 1 year.
A whole lot of other useful features makes Sigma Sport Rox 6.0 bicycle computer a must have for any bicyclist. These features include audible and visual alarms for breach of geofence, transmission of the trip values to the PC, a calendar function, integrated chip for data backup and lots more.

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bike Computer with Premium Heart Rate Monitor and Speed and Cadence Sensors

A definite buy for most bicyclists, the Garmin Edge 1000 GPS bicycle computer comes loaded with very useful features. You get GPS and GLONASS navigation on the same device. You also get a microSD card, built in to the device. You get real time results on your device. These include start, finish and leaderboard rankings.
You also get Garmin Cycle Map with routable road, elevation data, address search facility and points of interest. The 3-inch colour touchscreen can work in rain and even if you are using gloves. ANT+ speed, cadence and heart rate sensors all help you monitor vital indicators in real time. You can also avail live tracking, text alerts and incoming call features once your smartphone is paired with the Garmin Connect Mobile app. All in all, the Edge 1000 GPS bicycle computer is a must have if money is no object.

Which of these 10 best GPS trackers for bicycles is best for me?
Any of these top 10 bicycle GPS trackers is very good, and would suit most people’s requirements. Depending on the price, design, size, comfort, and all the features offered, a certain model of Garmin GPS bicycle tracker may be more preferable to you than another one. All of these are very good devices, and no matter which one you pick, you will probably get the right return for your money.