10 Best 2000 Lumen Flashlight Reviews

10 Best 2000 Lumen Flashlight Reviews

A 2000 lumen output type of flashlight will be rather bright as you will see from the below 10 best 2000 lumen flashlight reviews. You can employ this type of flashlight for hunting, camping, household activities, etc.


1. SUNYOU UltraFire T6 LED
This is a 2000 lumen flashlight. There are five modes, i.e. high, middle, low, strobe as well as SOS. You need to click this flashlights tail cap so as to pick the mode that you want. This flashlight has the CREE T6 LED type of lamp. It has been said that this flashlight will give off 1000-2000 lumens. The power supply is 1 x 18650/26650 type of rechargeable li-lithium battery. You may even use 3 x AAA batteries. The batteries are not within this package. The working voltage is said to be wide. It has a waterproof type of design, but it has been said that this flashlight should not be submerged within water. This flashlight can be employed for activities like hunting, cycling, climbing, or various outdoor activities.

Veeki Zoomable Scalable

2. Veeki® Zoomable Scalable
Seen in the list of 10 best 2000 lumen flashlight reviews, this flashlight is amazing. It has been said to have a scientific reasonable design containing a bronze reflective bowl. It has been made from high quality vital aluminum alloy. Its construction is solid. It is said to be waterproof and can be employed within the outdoors. It has a hard-anodized finish, is anti-abrasive and also shock-proof. If you want a flashlight to use for activities like camping, auto emergencies, backpacking, house repair, etc. then consider this flashlight from Veeki. It has been said that it will give a 2000 lumen output. This flashlight will give you a white light.

Flash Premium Flashlight

3. Flash Premium Flashlight
Being a 2000 lumen flashlight, this flashlight is great. It has a waterproof design and is regarded as being a sturdy and durable flashlight. The bulb is a CREE XM-L T6 LED one. There are many positive customer reviews, but a customer has claimed that they feel that this light is not 2000 lumens.

On The Way E6 Zoomable Handheld Flashlight

4. ON THE WAY E6 Zoomable Handheld Flashlight
This 2000 lumen flashlight claims to also have the reverse polarity protection feature therefore your LED light will be kept safe, it will not burn out in the instance that you install its battery wrongly. There is also the adjustable focus range option for various usage. There are five switch modes, i.e. high, medium, low, strobe as well as SOS. It has a skid-proof along with water resistant design and can be used within the outdoors. The lamp base is a CREE XM-L T6 LED one. This flashlight has an aluminum alloy type of casing. In this package you will get the flashlight, rechargeable battery, battery charger, battery holder along with the battery sleeve.

BlueFire® 2000 Lumen Flashlight

5. BlueFire® 2000 Lumen Flashlight
This flashlight claims to be a 2000 lumen type of flashlight that has the amazing CREE XML T6 LED type of torch. It has a skid-proof type of design and is also water resistant, but one should not make it stay within water for much time. You will get the adjustable focus range option. You will get five modes, i.e. high, middle, low, strobe as well as SOS. You need to press the precise orange button lightly so as to change the functions. There are many positive customer reviews present about this flashlight, but some customer’s claim that it is not a 2000 lumens flashlight.

10 Best 2000 Lumen Flashlight Reviews: UltraFire® Flashlight

6. 10 Best 2000 Lumen Flashlight Reviews UltraFire® Flashlight
Having a waterproof design along with an aluminum alloy casing, this flashlight however is not suitable for diving. You will get adjustable focus type of flash lamps. Zoom in as well as zoom out can be found. You will get five modes which may be altered with the one-button-switch. There is an attached strap along with clip. You will get CREE XML T6 with this flashlight. It has a convex lens. The maximum output brightness is claimed to be 2000 lumens. There is a warning present with this flashlight, that you should not run out its battery preceding charging, as it will not be charged once again. UltraFiresells flashlights, headlamps along with more products.

E-More® Flashlight

7. E-More® Flashlight
The E-More 2000 lumen flashlight has the useful CREE XM-L T6 LED. It has been claimed that its output brightness can reach 2000 lumens. It is made of precise high quality vital aluminum alloy therefore it has been claimed to be durable. You will get 3 switch modes with this flashlight, these are high, low and strobe. This flashlight has a skid-proof along with waterproof design. This flashlight is able to give off a white light.

FENIX TK35 Ultimate Edition

8. FENIX TK35 Ultimate Edition
This is a 2000 lumen flashlight that employs the effective CREE XHP 50 LED. It has an orange-peel reflector that gives a specific 75-degree type of wide beam angle that aims to provide maximum mid-range coverage. You will get a dual tail button switch that is there for easy along with fast operation. There are five brightness levels along with strobe moreover SOS. You will get the eco, low, mid, high and turbo modes also. The maximum bean distance is 1050 feet. This flashlight has digitally regulated output. You will get reverse polarity protection also. You will be able to know when the power is low with the aid of the low-voltage warning function. It claims to be waterproof to 6.5 feet or even 2 meters for around 30 minutes. Fenix Tacticalhas various flashlights, tactical lights, diving lights, bike lights, and more.

LingsFire® LED Flashlight

9. LingsFire® LED Flashlight
This flashlight has a scientific reasonable design along with bronze reflective bowl. It is stated that this flashlight is waterproof. There is also a battery charger that aims to charge the battery at a fast pace as well as safely. This flashlight has an aluminum alloy type of body. 200-500m is the lighting distance. There will be five modes. It claims to give 2000 lumens of light. This flashlight has the CREE-XML T6. You can employ this flashlight for activities like camping, hunting, etc.

Ploarnovo® Flashlight

10. Ploarnovo® Flashlight
The reverse polarity protection feature will be present with this flashlight. You will also get the adjustable focus range option. There will be 5 switch modes. This flashlight has a skid-proof along with water resistant type of design. It claims to have a maximum 2000 lumen type of output. You may use this handy flashlight when you are camping, cycling and for various outdoor activities.
The above discussion tried to tell you about the 10 best 2000 lumen flashlight reviews. If you need a bright 2000 lumen type of flashlight for outdoor activities, for instance hunting, fishing, camping, etc., you can consider one of the above ones that are good for these types of activities. A 2000 lumen flashlight tends to be rather bright and therefore helpful in many cases.