10 Best Waterproof Flashlight Reviews

10 Best Waterproof Flashlight Reviews

If you are looking for a waterproof flashlight which you may need to use when it is raining or for some other instances, then have a look at the below 10 best waterproof flashlight reviews, carefully compiled from our reviewers.

Durapower® Heavy Duty

1. Durapower® Heavy Duty
It has the IPX6 waterproof feature that lets you use it when there is heavy rain. You will get 600 lumens from this flashlight which possesses the wonderful Cree LED. This flashlight claims to be strong along with durable. To make it rather sturdy, it has substantial along with thick housing. Being a compact type of flashlight, this flashlight contains a little red ring that is seen within its head. This can alert others to know where exactly you are. To be able to form narrow along with wide beams, there is the adjustable focus option present. The housing material tends to be aluminum alloy. You may use this particular flashlight when going camping and even for military purposes.

Streamlight 14032 Sidewinder Waterproof

2. Streamlight 14032 Sidewinder Waterproof
It claims to have O-ring plus gasket sealed openings so as to make it waterproof. This flashlight meets the vital MIL-STD-801F method 512.4. It is a military tactical flashlight that will give you 4 handy lighting sources, these are IR LED, blue LED, white LED plus red LED. If you want to get the precise high intensity strobe specifically of your selected light source, you can do this by double clicking the button. There is a handy push-button switch that enables and disables your picked lighting source, initiating at low intensity proceeding to the brightest intensity. This flashlight contains a useful, high impact, wonderful, super-tough kind of nylon case that allows it to be durable along with weather resistant. You will get an articulating head with this flashlight. A complaint concerning this flashlight is that its clip tends to not be really strong.

Smith & Wesson MP12

3. Smith & Wesson MP12
This flashlight is waterproof to about 1 meter. It has an effective anodized aerospace aluminum kind of body that allows it to be waterproof plus impact resistant. You will get high, low along with strobe modes with this tactical flashlight. There are 875 lumens given off by this flashlight when on high mode, moreover 43 lumens when on low mode. Its beam distance is around 242m when the mode is high and about 32m when it is on low. You will get 2 hours runtime on the high mode and about 43 hours when it is on low. The wonderful CREE XML-U2 LED is present within this flashlight.

Streamlight 14512 Sidewinder

4. Streamlight 14512 Sidewinder
Claiming to be waterproof precisely to about 1 meter for around 30 minutes, this flashlight’s openings are also said to be O-ring sealed. In the package you will receive the Sidewinder Compact II, plus head strap, moreover the helmet mount and also the CR123A lithium type of battery. This flashlight has white, red, blue plus IR LEDs which possess different outputs along with runtimes. You will notice that this flashlight’s body is a 185-degree kind of tilting body. It is said to be a durable flashlight that has been produced in such a way as to be able to handle certain h plus s free task precise illumination requirements.
Being an ultra-compact plus multi-battery and also high performance, multi-source kind of LED flashlight, you will also get C4LED technology with this flashlight. It also has a handy high impact plus super tough kind of nylon case. The polycarbonate lens tends to be unbreakable, which contains a scratch resistant coating. You will get a compound, effective on-off mode selector kind of switch which ergonomically can separate the precise on-off-dimming-strobe plus LED selection functions. There is the built in effective battery polarity protection that aims to keep this particular light safe. The handy rubber dome actuator as well as 4 position specific pull-to-turn kind of locking rotary selector knob plus IR LED tactile indicator allows simple operation at the time that you may be wearing gloves also.

FENIX TK35 Ultimate Edition

5. FENIX TK35 Ultimate Edition
Being in the 10 best waterproof flashlight reviews list, this waterproof flashlight is a 2000 lumen type of flashlight which utilizes the wonderful CREE XHP 50 LED. It is waterproof to about 6.5 feet or around 2 meters for about 30 minutes. There is an orange-peel reflector which is able to give you a handy 75-degree kind of wide beam angle. This tries to give you maximum mid-range coverage. There is a useful dual tail button switch that lets this flashlight be easy to employ. You will get five brightness levels, plus strobe and also SOS. There will be the handy eco, low, mid, high plus turbo modes. 1050 feet is the maximum beam distance of this flashlight. You will get digitally regulated output also. Reverse polarity protection is present also. The low-voltage warning function is present that tells you when this flashlight’s power tends to be low.


This flashlight claims to be a waterproof one (IPX-8). This is a precise die-cast kind of flashlight. You will see that this flashlight’s construction is a specific die-cast unibody aluminum alloy type of one. You will get wonderful brightness, 1000 lumens output, along with durability with this flashlight. CREE XM-L2 U2 LED plus Precision Digital Optics Technology is what this flashlight utilizes. You will get 5 handy brightness levels, these are turbo, high, mid, low, plus ultralow. There are also 3 useful concealed special modes which are stroke, S.O.S. plus location beacon. You will get a handy user-friendly design. This particular die-cast body tries to transfer heat in an even way plus at a fast pace towards the surface. The tail cap has a useful thumbscrew type of lock. Advanced temperature regulation technology can be found in this precise flashlight, as well as reverse polarity protection. To be able to achieve beams that are far-reaching plus blinding, this flashlight has the SMO reflector feature. The vital stainless steel retaining ring tries to make the vital components remain safe. It is impact resistant till around 1.5 meters. You need four EdisonBright CR123A precise lithium batteries for this flashlight. NITECORE brandhas other flashlights also.

Amico Flashlight

7. Amico Flashlight
Claimed to be 13m waterproof, this flashlight with aluminum alloy is what you can expect this flashlight to be specifically made of. The vital LED CREE R5 T6 L2 can be found within this flashlight. 5 effective modes will be present with this particular flashlight. You will get 1000 lumens type of output, and this flashlight claims to have a 100-1000 meters particular maximum range. This is a handy rechargeable flashlight. To make it not tough to carry around, it is effectively pocket sized. Nevertheless there are some customers who have said that 1000 lumens cannot be gotten from this particular flashlight.

Streamlight 14514 Sidewinder

8. Streamlight 14514 Sidewinder
It is said to be waterproof to around 1 meter precisely for 30 minutes. Its openings tend to also be O-ring sealed. Being an ultra-compact plus high performance kind of multi-battery moreover multi-source wonderful LED flashlight which also possesses C4LED type of technology, it is made to handle different h plus s free task vital illumination needs. It has certain color LEDs which contain different outputs along with runtimes. There are useful white, red, blue along with IR LEDs. This flashlight’s body is a useful 185-degree kind of tilting body. This flashlight has a wonderful high impact plus super tough kind of nylon case, making it durable. The lens are unbreakable polycarbonate ones that contain a scratch resistant coating. You will get the effective compound on-off type of mode selector switch that tends to ergonomically separate this flashlight’s on-off-dimming-strobe along with LED selection functions. You can use this flashlight whilst wearing gloves due to the handy rubber dome actuator along with 4 position specific pull-to-turn kind of locking rotary selector knob plus IR LED tactile indicator. You will get built in vital battery polarity protection.


9. 10 Best Waterproof Flashlight Reviews OxyLED MD20
This flashlight has been said to be waterproof, i.e. its water-resistant level is said to be IPX-6. It has three LED handy light modes. You will get two brightness levels, plus a strobe light and also a useful adjustable zoom feature. When looking at what this flashlight’s body has been made precisely from, you will see that it has a vital aluminum alloy kind of body. Employing the Cree LED, this flashlight’s size is a useful pocket-size one. This makes it easier when you wish to carry it with you. You will also receive the handy adjustable zoom feature, with this flashlight that claims to be waterproof. If you want to know the maximum output that this particular flashlight has, it is 250 lumens.

Mini AA Flag-Lite Maglite

10. Mini AA Flag-Lite Maglite
This flashlight from MagLite has a pretty American flag type of design. You will get the useful candle mode. A spare lamp is found within the tail cap. To make it waterproof, it is particularly O-ring sealed. To not allow much gas buildup to occur, there is a handy vented tail cap. This flashlight’s bulb tends to be an incandescent type of one. This flashlight’s light beam is a useful high-intensity one. You will get the ½ turn, twist focus, moreover spot-to-flood and also candle mode. Aluminum alloy is what its case is made from. It tends to be a compact plus lightweight type of flashlight.

If you are looking for a waterproof flashlight you need to be very careful before buying one. You should read customer reviews in addition to the above 10 best waterproof flashlight reviews as the manufacturers of some flashlights claim that their particular flashlight is waterproof whilst customers say that this is not true. You should also see its waterproof level and judge from that if it will be effective for you.