10 Best REDLINE Flashlight Reviews

10 Best REDLINE Flashlight Reviews

The 10 best REDLINE flashlight reviews has been provided below. This company’s REDLINE products have aimed to provide high-end technology within an amazing compact and very strong light source. This has also been completely redesigned, they claim. This company states that redlining is getting to the peak of its precise performance. They aim to harness maximum power of a flashlight with NEBO® REDLINE.


Having a strong 220 lumen output, this REDLINE flashlight is a winner. You will get the following light modes, high, medium, low, S.O.S. and strobe. The high-power will give you 2185 LUX LED precisely of light. The high mode has a 138 meters type of range. The medium mode is 1025 LUX with 50 meters range, low is 225 LUX with 27 meters range, S.O.S. is 1015 LUX with 138 meters range, and strobe is the same as this. You will get an attractive anodized aircraft-grade precise aluminum design that will be water along with impact-resistant. This flashlight claims to have a convex lens, tactical edge and also a magnetic base. There is also the 4x adjustable beam feature. The ON/OFF button tends to be a glow-in-the-dark one. It has the efficient Soft Touch Technology. This flashlight needs 3 AAA batteries. A negative customer review is that this flashlight has a design that is not very impressive.


2. REDLINE 5620
This REDLINE flashlight boasts about being able to provide 310 lumens precisely of light. To make it simple for users to employ, this flashlight has a smart select dial that is able to alter the light modes. The effective 4x adjustable zoom claims to be able to alter the handy light specifically from spot going to flood. The handy stealth ring will provide you with the option so as to stop light from being able to shine via the precise signature red ring. This REDLINE flashlight has anodized aircraft-grade type of aluminum. To make it long-lasting it claims to be water-resistant. You will get a compact body type of design with this flashlight. This flashlight has five modes. A customer complaint concerning the stealth ring can be seen. They claim that it is loosely fitted.

10 Best REDLINE Flashlight Reviews: NEBO REDLINE 5615 SE

3. 10 Best REDLINE Flashlight Reviews NEBO REDLINE 5615 SE
With the 5615 you will get the primary along with secondary light modes with this flashlight. The primary mode includes the high option that has 2800 LUX. The secondary mode has medium, i.e. 1150 LUX, low, i.e. 285 LUX, S.O.S. i.e. 1055 LUX and strobe i.e. 1055 LUX. This REDLINE flashlight claims to have an amazing anodized aircraft-grade type of aluminum. To make the flashlight more attractive, it is water as well as impact-resistant. It has a convex lens, tactical edge, steel belt or pocket clip along with a magnetic type of base. There is also a battery indicator for your convenience. The button glows red to inform you when your batteries’ life is getting less. There is a glow-in-the-dark amazing ON/Off type of button. 3 AAA batteries is what this flashlight is powered by. You will get the 4x adjustable beam benefit with this flashlight.

REDLINE Select RC 6189

4. REDLINE Select RC 6189
This REDLINE flashlight has the high (3100 LUX), medium (1550 LUX), low (310 LUX) along with strobe (1395 LUX) light modes. You will also get the stealth light green precise light, in button mode. A specific green light will be able to come out from the button. This is good for situations that are low light ones. This flashlight boasts about being totally rechargeable. You will also get the feature of a handy power bank specifically for your vital USB powered devices. Being water along with impact-resistant, this flashlight is an anodized aircraft-grade type of aluminum one. You will get a convex lens, smart select dial, 4x adjustable beam, magnetic base, features with this flashlight. It has a heat sink type of design and also a tactical edge. There is an anti-roll kind of tactical grip ring along with a steel belt or pocket clip. There is a charging indicator which will inform you of the charging status precisely of your flashlight along with your specific USB powered devices. There is the effective glow-in-the-dark precise ON/OFF handy button.

REDLINE 5581 Tactical

5. REDLINE 5581 Tactical
This flashlight has a 220 lumen type of output. It needs 3 AAA batteries so as to work. This flashlight’s length is 4.5 inches and its weight is 0.428 pounds. It is made from aluminum. You will get a white type of light with this precise flashlight. You will get the S.O.S along with strobe mode also with this flashlight.

REDLINE 6272 Micro

6. REDLINE 6272 Micro
You can easily fit this light within your palm. It has OC™ Technology. This flashlight has an amazing dispersed beam specifically of light during flood mode. You will get 360 LUX LED with this flashlight. It has an anodized aircraft-grade type of aluminum body and is also impact-resistant. You will get a 6x adjustable zoom and also a magnetic base. You will get a convex lens with this light. The ON/OFF button tends to be rear-positioned and is also a handy glow-in-the-dark one. It has Soft Touch Technology also.


It claims to possess a high power precise 200 lumen type of LED. You will get 600 LUX precisely of efficient pristine white light. OC stands for Optimized Clarity. This light has the convex lens, both this and the amazing OC Technology is able to give awesome clarity and that with an efficient dispersed beam specifically of light when in flood mode. You will get the high power that is 600 LUX, and strobe mode. It has a 6x adjustable beam. The body is an anodized aircraft-grade type of aluminum one that claims to be water-resistant also. It claims to be impact-resistant also. You will get a glow-in-the-dark amazing button with this flashlight. It also has Soft Touch Technology. It needs 1 AA battery that is in this package. This flashlight has a handy magnetic base.

REDLINE Rechargeable

8. REDLINE Rechargeable
This precise flashlight from REDLINE claims to be a 300 lumen LED. You will get a handy AC/DC adapter along with a car charging port. This flashlight is powered with a 2000MAH 18650 type of rechargeable lithium ion kind of battery, that is in this package. It has till 600 life cycles. You will get the options of a dimmable beam along with the strobe function. You will also get a handy EdisonBright brand, type of battery carry case within this package.

REDLINE Select Titanium

9. REDLINE Select Titanium
This flashlight is able to give off 310 lumens precisely of light. It claims to have one high power type of LED bulb. You can alter the light modes simply via the smart select dial. With the stealth ring you will be able to get the option which will allow you to stop light shining via the specific signature red ring. To be able to get hands-free type of lighting, this flashlight has a magnetic base. It has an aggressive self-defense kind of face. When you are employing the precise spot light mode, this white light will be able to be viewed more than 200 yards away. You will get a steel belt clip. This light has 5 lighting modes which can be altered via the handy smart select dial.


10. REDLINE 5557
You will get a precise high power specific LED bulb. To make it stay for longer, this flashlight is effectively water-resistant along with impact-resistant. Anodized aircraft-grade particular aluminum is what the 5557 REDLINE’s body is. The handy magnetic base will allow you to pursue hands-free lighting. The convex lens along with tactical edge features are present within this particular flashlight. The 4x adjustable beam option is also present. To make it simple to utilize at night there is a handy glow-in-the-dark specific ON/OFF button. Useful Soft Touch Technology is also seen. 3 AAA batteries will be needed for this precise flashlight.
REDLINE flashlights can be said to be rather amazing. This can be seen from the above 10 best REDLINE flashlight reviews. REDLINE comes from the NEBO TOOLS line. If you like the NEBO TOOLS line then you will probably like their particular REDLINE flashlights. Flashlights can be used for many purposes, for instance when the power goes off.