10 Best Head Torch Reviews

There are many reasons a head torch is used whether it is simply to look around the house in the dark, or as an emergency flash light. There are some basic features of a head torch that make it fully useful to the owner. Since it is going to be on your head most of the time, the torch needs to be lightweight amongst other things, it should be non-breakable and they should require lesser power than the standard bulb to keep them running longer. Here are ten of the best head torches available in the market;

1. Led Lenser Head Torch H7

Led Lenser Head Torch H7
The Led Lenser is a great head torch that comes with batteries and is lightweight. At 4.2 ounces it is one of the lightest torches you could wish for and perfect for your backpack items. It comes with a dimming switch, a focusable beam and a swivelling head.

2. Petzl Tactikka

Petzl Tactikka
The Petzel has 160 lumen output and comes with constant lighting technology. This means that the battery does not fade as the battery goes down. The headband is adjustable making it great for technical activities. It has two modes the proximity mode for when you are doing stuff that requires lighting nearer to the eyes and the movement mode for when you need the light to pan the area. It is water tight and weather resistant making it the perfect fit for camping.

3. Oksann Headlight

Oksann Headlight
The Oksann has a lumen span of 6000 and packs a punch because it comes with a universal charger and rechargeable batteries. It has four mode strobe indication plus zoom and tilt adjustment features in the light bulb making it easier for you to see everything vividly in the dark.

4. Topwell Adjustable Headlamp

Topwell Adjustable Headlamp
The Topwell has a zoomable, rotating and adjustable base for each head lamp, complete with back and forth inclination. The headlamp uses focus technology making it great for outdoor activities like fishing because of its tough aluminum exterior. It also has an anti-fall off feature that makes it even better suited for the outdoors.

5. Mini Headlamp Flashlight

Mini Headlamp Flashlight
This is lightweight and provided light to up to 50 metres. The lens and adjustable straps are great for both kids and adults alike and will not let the lens bob even while cycling. This is great for kids because it is not just water but also shock resistant. You will never feel unsafe while they play outside after dark again.

6. Tiann North Bright Headlamp

Tiann North Bright Headlamp
This LED head lamp packs a huge punch of light with its three bulbs at a reasonable price. It has multiple strobing modes that can also be used to send distress signals at the night. The great thing about this is that it is waterproof and so works great in the outdoors.

7. Super Bright 4000

Super Bright 4000
This torch is great to have around during emergencies. This light when fully charged gives up to 5 hours of time with an output of 4000 lumens. It has 4 modes of lighting one of which is strobing. Apart from this it can also be plugged in with wall and car a charger that makes it extra convenient for when you want to go outside.

8. Topwell 2000LM Cree

Topwell 2000LM Cree
The Topwell Cree is as bright as a spot light which makes it great for rescue missions or generally any time you need a bright light in the dark. The head lamp can be adjusted at 90 degrees and also has a red light indicator. It is suitable for hiking, camping, fishing because it is water resistant.

9. M&T tech 2000 Lumens

M&T tech 2000 Lumens
This headlight comes with three modes, high, medium and low. It has a super bright led which can take the lighting up to 1000 lumens. The light allows both spot and flood lighting because of its immense capability to focus. It can also be adjusted at angles up to 90 degrees for easier viewing.

10. Welltop Cree Q5

Welltop Cree Q5
The Welltop comes equipped with headlamp which can handle up to 200 to 300 lumens of light. The light offers various modes such as on, off, high, medium, flashing, zoom in and zoom out. The headlamp is water resistant and can be taken out even on a rainy day. It also comes with batteries and a charger pack.

Headlamps are a handy tool for whenever you go out to a place where you require a constant light source. They are also great alternatives to regular torches or other fire inducing products because they leave your hands free to do whatever else that needs to be done. So if you have a tent to put up at night, strap the light on and get to it. They do not hamper your capacity to pick things up which can be crucial when you are in a state of emergency. Make sure you take a good look at your uses before you decide to make your purchase.