10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Reviews

Are you looking for one of the 10 best outdoor motion sensor reviews? Motion sensors are designed to know when any movement occurs. You can find outdoor as well as indoor motion sensors. Read on to find out about some outdoor motion sensors.

All-Pro MS180 Motion Sensor

1. All-Pro MS180 Motion Sensor
You can expect this motion sensor to be able to detect any motion that is 180 degrees, precisely up to around 70 feet away. You can place this motion sensor outdoors. It is a security floodlight that can let spaces remain safe and also with good light. You can install this unit into a light fixture that you already have. It fits on many walls as well as eave-mounted fixtures. This floodlight has a motion sensor which is able to automatically switch the light on as well as off. It switches on when any movement is felt and off proceeding a certain pre-selected time delay, it can be 4 or even 12 minutes. This motion sensor does not switch on when it is the daytime.
It has an on/off motion-sensor which can be stopped via its manual-override mode. This can be done by switching the light with a switch that is indoors. The light can be employed also as a floodlight. This motion sensor is able to automatically go to motion-detecting mode when dawn approaches. This sensor has power-outage protection, tool-free sensor-head adjustment, plus 30 motion-detection zones. You will get a limited warranty with this motion sensor. One complaint is that this sensor’s’ range is not how much it says to be.

Chamberlain CWA2000 Motion Sensor

2. Chamberlain CWA2000 Motion Sensor
It is able to tell you when any cars or even people are coming. It can inform you by light and sound. It has a ½ mile range specifically from the sensor to the base unit. It is simple to install and use. It is weatherproof and has sensitivity control that is adjustable. This is a security system that one can afford to buy. It is expandable also.


Skylink HA-434TL Motion Sensor

3. Skylink HA-434TL Motion Sensor
You will be told when movement is felt in the areas surrounding your business, home as well as garage with this sensor. This can be set to three operating modes which can tell you when motion occurs. All these modes are able to give off an LED light to tell you when there is movement. The mode can be altered according to the audio indicator which you want.
The Alert Mode is able to give off beeps at the time that a sensor gets activated, the Alarm Mode frightens away intruders by giving off a 95 dB siren, the Off Mode does not give off any audio, but will give off visual LED lights. There is a feature that will inform you when your battery is low. You can add 16 sensors, these are sold separately. It can work up to around 800 feet. A complaint is that this motion sensor that can be used outdoors sometimes gives false alarms.

Chamberlain CWPIR, 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor

4. Chamberlain CWPIR, 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor
The Chamberlain CWPIR motion alert add-on sensor is one of the 10 best outdoor motion sensor, and is able to feel movement that is up to around 30 feet away. It is simple to install and is weatherproof also. It is an outdoor sensor that has an adjustable sensitivity control feature. This helps false alerts to be diminished. It has a 120-degree angle range that it can cover. Rainwater may be able to go into the sensor therefore the seal needs to be improved. A complaint is also that the range is not very much as claimed.

Bubba’s Home Outdoor Motion Sensor

5. Bubba’s Home Outdoor Motion Sensor
You can know when unwanted individuals are present in your alley, warehouse, driveway, etc. with this sensor. It is simple to use. You have to purchase the batteries. You can use this sensor as a driveway alert, alleyway alarm, warehouse monitor, etc. You can use this both indoors and also outdoors. It has a good battery life and is made to be weather resistant. You can put the silent LED light alarm, or the chime, and you also have the option of activating the 90 dB siren. You will get a guarantee with this product also. The sensor’s range may tend to not be a lot and the detection sensor may be sensitive.

Heath/Zenith SL-5316-WH-C Motion Sensor

6. Heath Zenith SL-5316-WH-C Motion Sensor
One of the 10 best outdoor motion sensors. It has a wide-angle. This sensor can convert present light precisely into dusk-to-dawn light that can be used as a security light. It has a 240-degree motion sensor. Its detection range is around 100 feet. It also has adjustable sensitivity. You can have two types of lighting, i.e. the low-level accent light plus the dual bright feature.
This motion sensor has a heavy metal housing and is able to work with a 300-watt bulb that needs to be purchased separately. You will get a limited warranty with this product. There is a timer also which lets you put low-light mode to the amount of time that you want. There is an automatic photocell which deactivates this unit when it is daytime. You will get the mounting kit and motion sensor in this package. A complaint with this product includes the fact that it may sometimes switch on and off by itself.

Mr Beams MB360 LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor

7. Mr Beams MB360 LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor
It is a very bright LED that uses little power, 140 Lumens. The motion sensor is able to switch the LED spotlight both on and off. It does this automatically. It has a weatherproof design so that it can remain durable. It is simple to install this wireless LED. You will get 350 square feet coverage with this. It functions with batteries. This is designed to be an outdoor security light. The motion detection range is up to around 30 feet, 180 degrees. This product does not have a timer setting.

Optex LX-402 Outdoor Motion Sensor

8. Optex LX-402 Outdoor Motion Sensor
It has a 40’ x 50’ 120-degree specific wide angle detection area. It is therefore able to secure your property. It has a built-in vital double-conductive shield that lets it not get wrongly triggered due to direct sunlight. You can employ it to capture movement only in certain areas also. You can put its sensitivity to high, medium, or even low. There is an adjustable day/night mode. It is up to you if you want it to work the whole day, or however much time you want it to work. It is made to be weatherproof.

Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Motion Sensor

9. Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Motion Sensor
Being a wireless motion sensor, it has around ½ mile radio range. The range varies according to your local terrain. It can detect people as well as vehicles that are till 50 feet away. It is simple to install. The receiver can play four signals from precisely four sensors. You will need a 9-volt battery for this sensor that is not in this package.

X10 MS16A ActiveEye Motion Sensor

10. X10 MS16A ActiveEye Motion Sensor
Being able to function at all times this precise sensor can be used outdoors and also indoors. It is able to switch on lights automatically. It is weather-resistant. It has an adjustable time delay for your convenience. This device is able to transmit wireless signals to the receiver. The lights turn on when someone walks on your property. In this way your home may be protected. It also can give light to guests. One complaint with this product is that its range is not much and its design is not very satisfactory according to some.

Motion sensors are good products that you can also put outdoors to increase your security. You can pick a motion sensor from the 10 best outdoor motion sensors reviews.