10 Best Motion Sensor Alarm Reviews

These 10 best motion sensor alarm reviews can be employed to increase the security of your home. Motion sensors are precisely electronic devices which can detect any movement.

Kingavon Motion Sensor Alarm with Extra Remote

1. Motion Sensor Alarm with Extra Remote
You can employ this motion sensor alarm in your home, garage and also shed. It costs £6.99. This alarm system is controlled by a remote. You will get two remotes with this motion sensor alarm. This motion sensor alarm is cordless and is able to inform you when there are unwanted individuals on your property, it is able to know when movement is 6m away also. It will give off a 110 dB alarm that will alert you. It can also frighten away any intruders.
It is not difficult to install and will come with fixings as well as a mounting bracket. You do not need any wiring and this alarm is able to fix at any angle. The remote control is an infra-red one and is able to arm plus disarm this system. You will need four AA batteries and the remote control needs one 12v battery. The batteries for the unit are not included, but the one for the remote control is.

GE Motion Sensor Alarm

2. GE Motion Sensor Alarm
You do not need wires to install it. It has a 120-decibel alarm that is able to go off when any motion is felt that is up to a 20-foot range. It has a 45-second exit delay as well as a 30-second entry delay that lets one have time to come and go preceding activation. There is a security code among the remote plus alarm. It has a keychain remote which can be used to activate and also deactivate this alarm at any place within your home. There is a low-battery indicator light. A complaint with this alarm is that the delay can cause intruders to tamper with it.

SABRE, One of the 10 Best Motion Sensor Alarms

3. SABRE, 10 Best Motion Sensor Alarms
It is able to know when motion occurs in a 120 degree wide angle plus 20 foot range. There is an indicator present that tells when the battery is low. You will get the mounting bracket with this alarm. It needs three AAA batteries to work. There is a chime mode that tells when individuals are coming. The go alarm mode aids in frightening away intruders when movement is felt. No setup is needed. This alarm does not have a remote, if it did, it would have been better.

Bubba’s Home Motion Sensor Alarm

4. Bubba’s Home Motion Sensor Alarm
You will know when there is someone present within your driveway, alley, warehouse, or even garage. It is easy to employ as no wires are also required. You need to buy the batteries. You can put this motion sensor alarm where you wish. It can be put indoors as well as outdoors. This particular motion sensor alarm has a good battery life, it can be up to a year, and even more. It is weather resistant. There is a silent LED light alarm, a low/high volume type of doorbell chime plus a precise 90 dB siren. The Bubba line places a guarantee on their products. The sensor range of this alarm is 15-25 feet. One complaint is that this alarms detection sensor tends to be extremely sensitive.

SABRE Motion Sensor Ceiling Alarm

5. SABRE Motion Sensor Ceiling Alarm
Having a 120 dB siren, this motion sensor alarm is an alarm that could be put on your ceiling. It is one of the 10 best motion sensor alarms and has a smoke detector design. It comes with remote control monitors. It has a range of 20 feet. A handy low battery indicator is present. The wireless needs three AA batteries. You will get the chime mode that will tell you when someone comes, and the go alarm mode that will frighten away people when movement is felt. It has a good design. This alarm has a 30 second delay also. One complaint is that this alarm takes long to precisely sound off. SABRE sells wireless home security systems as well as home alarms.

Motion Sensor Alarm plus Chime Kit

6. Motion Sensor Alarm plus Chime Kit
It has two remote controls as well as a wall mount. This is a motion sensor alarm plus chime. This alarm will be able to tell you when it experiences motion. You can put a piercing alarm or even a pleasant chime on this system. There is a panic button which sets the alarm. In one pack there is one mountable alarm unit, two remote controls that have key chains, and also a mount that comes with screws. You can activate the instant alarm, chime, or delayed alarm settings. You will need to buy four AA batteries separately for this alarm. The complaint with this alarm includes the fact that its range is not as much as has been said, in the pack of two sometimes the other one does not work properly and the battery compartment can be said to be weakly made.

GE Choice Motion Sensor Alarm

7. GE Choice Motion Sensor Alarm
Another GE product included in the 10 best motion sensor alarms. It is able to feel movement that is in a 110-degree range. It can do this from up to nearly 40 feet away. It is not tough to set this alarm system up. It is able to operate up to around 150 feet away precisely from the vital Wireless Control Centre, this is not in the package. It has a weather resistant design. You can place it within your garage, shed, or even living room. This system can be placed indoors or even outdoors.
The ball-joint head let’s maximum coverage to occur. It needs one nine-volt battery to work, this needs to be purchased. This vital motion sensor can function with the precise Wireless Control Centre’s specific four zones. Zones One, Two as well as Three will give off an alarm in “Away” mode. When it is on “Home” mode then no alarm will sound. Zone Four lets you know the precise area where motion is occurring. In this package you will get the GE 45132 Motion Sensor that comes with a mounting bracket, a ball-head joint, two screws, as well as two plastic anchors. A complaint is that this system takes long to set off its alarm.

UniquExceptional UMA20 Motion Sensor Alarm

8. UniquExceptional UMA20 Motion Sensor Alarm
Having a 130 dB siren, you can start and stop this unit by utilizing a security code that is programmable. The range for detection is 20 feet long and 60 degrees wide. It has a low battery indicator. You can power this alarm also by an AC adapter. It has an additional port that can be used to add an external alarm. This alarm has a keypad. It needs four AA batteries that are not in this package. If no movement is felt then this alarm will stop sounding after 30 seconds which is not effective.

Swann Motion Sensor Alarm SW351-KCH

9. Swann Motion Sensor Alarm SW351-KCH
Being passcode protected, this alarm has a 110 dB+ siren. Movement is felt by the PIR movement sensor. The detection angle is around 120 degrees. This alarm comes with a multi-directional mounting bracket. You can set it to the chime sound which is the alert mode, or the siren sound which is the arm mode. It is better to employ this product with various other alarm products so as to increase your safety. This alarm needs to be made more stable when it is put on a table. It also takes a bit long to sound when it has been triggered.

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Alarm

10. Solar Powered Motion Sensor Alarm
This system has an alarm, light and voice warning. You can employ it for your backyard’s security as well as walkway lighting because it starts when it feels movement. There is a vital built-in photocell which lets this outdoor alarm know the time when it is night. Battery plus bulb life will not waste in the day.

This alarm needs to be put outdoors in a way that its solar panel gets direct sunlight. This panel receives as well as converts the sunlight precisely into DC power daily. The vital pre-installed rechargeable battery is able to store this energy so as to be able to power this device in the night. This unit is therefore automatically activated when it is dusk. It deactivates when it is dawn. It therefore works when it is night only. This alarm has limited places to be put as it needs to receive sunlight.

Motion sensor alarms are one way to enhance the security of your home. You can choose one from the 10 best motion sensor alarms for your home.