10 Best Key Chain Flashlight Reviews

10 Best Key Chain Flashlight Reviews

A key chain flashlight can be very valuable tool, since you will be carrying it everywhere, and because of that it is important to have a good model. In a 10 best key chain flashlight reviews you can see the very best you can find on the market today. Enjoy!

Streamlight 72101 KeyMate with White LED

Streamlight 72101

This is the almost unbreakable model that is made out of aircraft aluminum. Iy has unbreakable polycarbonate lenses with scratch-resistant coating so you won’t have to worry about scratching it in you pocket with keys. The lifetime of this small flashlight is very long and it is about 100.000 hours with high intensity. You can choose LEDs reflector colors, and they are available in white, blue or green. This model can run up to 96 hours nonstop on four alkaline battery cells and it is 2 and one quarter inch long.

Helotex K1 Key Chain Flashlight

Helotex K1 Key

Helotex presents to us small, yet powerful flashlight that runs on one AAA battery and has 90 lumen. LEDs are Cree xp-e and this model has convenient clip so you can clip it on your key chain and carry it anywhere you like. This is one of the brightest flashlights available in a really small size, but it won’t betray you in crucial moments.

Xodus Innovations BL300 Glowing LED Key Chain Fob

Xodus Innovations

If you are having problems with finding your keys or some other things in the dark, then this is a key chain flashlight for you. It is small, convenient and durable. What more can you ask for? It can glow in the dark for up to a year and you never need to replace LED light source since it is very durable. This model uses only one battery, and the great thing is that that battery is also included in the price, so you won’t have to buy a new one. Price of this small and cute key chain flashlight we love.

Emergency Tactical LED Keychain Flashlights

Emergency Tactical LED

This model provides 100 lumen high brightness white light, beam stability and focus. It has really high brightness LED beam and the LED life can last for up to 10,000 hours. Made out of unique waterproof aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, so you can use it when it rains or anywhere near water. It runs on one AA battery and that battery is not included in the price. Weighs only 1.76 OZ and even though is is really lightweight, you will feel how solid and durable is this actually.

Aoneky Waterproof Mini LED Flashlight Key Chain

Aoneky 4

Aoneky is a key chain flashlight that is 100% waterproof and easy to deal with harsh environment. It has military equipment attack head design and if you every find yourself in a emergency situation, you can use this flashlight as a self-defense tool. Size is really small and it weighs only 1 OZ, so it will be an ideal gift for your special someone. Made out of cold aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, this model is anti-wrestling compressive. And since it has reflector optics, this model will deliver up to 200% more range then other traditional flashlights.

Streamlight Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

Streamlight 73001

When compared price and quality, this is one of the most popular models among 10 best key chain flashlight reviews and the proof for that is a title of #1 Best Seller on Amazon. It is made out of aircraft aluminum with anodized finish. Beam performance is optimized with parabolic shaped LED area. It has up to 8 hours declining usable output and it is 1.47- inches length. LED can last for about 100,000 and that is really big number. Head can be twisted for on and off functions.

ThorFire KL02 Keychain LED Flashlight Mini

ThorFire KL02

Switch on this model is actually a rotate tail switch. It has really unique design and since it is very lightweight, you will carry it around in your pocket and not even know it’s there. Made out of graded aluminum alloy, this powerful flashlight has LED that gives out 55 lumens. It is powered with one battery, but it is not included in the packaging. And most important, this model has really good customer service, so you can conctact them whenever you want.

ThorFire Keychain Flashlight Mini Key Chain

ThorFire Keychain

This model is made out of stainless steel and because of that it will last you a long time. You can give it as a gift, because it has very nice look and it comes in a pretty gift case. It runs on one LR44 battery that is included in the packaging. Light and small with hole for keychain, you can use it outdoor and also in the inside for finding lost things around house. It is turn off and one with simple tail switch operation. If you are looking for a perfect gift, this is it.

Smith & Wesson Galaxy Ray Key Chain Light

Smith & Wesson Galaxy Ray

Smith & Wesson present to use really durable and nice looking keychain flashlight. It is only two inches long and weighs 0.8 OZ with batteries. It has red LED with 6 meters of beam distance and up to 30 hours of continuous working. This flashlight is impact and water resistant and it includes spring clip attachment and also 3 batteries. Made out of anodized aircraft aluminum body, this model will last you a long, long time.

Energizer LED Keychain Light

Energizer LED Keychain
This model has 15 hour run time on two energizer batteries. Bright white LED provides 11 lumens of light and that can reach the distance of 14 meters. Since it is very small and compact, it can fit anywhere and you won’t even notice it in your pocket. This model has durable cast metal construction, so long life is guaranteed. In the end, there is also sturdy spring clip which will secure this model stays on your key chains, zipper pulls or purses.
The Lumen uses your body heat to make light

Flyweight Flashlights That Sip Power

Carrying a flashlight on your keychain can be really convenient, since you will have instant source of light whenever you want it. The only problem can be the choice among sea of products. And that is why there are many 10 best key chain flashlight reviews to ensure you that you find a perfect match and I hope you did.