10 Best GPS Trackers for Children

10 Best GPS Trackers for Children

Do you worry about your naughty child getting out of your sight in the market or the shopping centre? Do not ever lose track of your children or wards again with any of the 10 best kids GPS trackers for children in the market by your child’s side! With a GPS tracker, your little dear one cannot get out of an arbitrary perimeter, that only you can set, without alerting you. This functionality is called Geofencingi. Only three national Global Position Systems, or equivalents, are active in the world today. The most widespread network and the most widely used of these is the US-made GPS, though the Russian GLONASS and the Chinese Beidouii are in contention for future market leadership.

Given the ease with which these handy gadgets can save you a great deal of anxiety, choosing one of the 10 best GPS trackers for keeping a tab on your children’s whereabouts is more a necessity than a luxury nowadays.

Trax Personal GPS Tracker

Amongst its most attractive features are its 24-hours battery life, great accuracy, and versatility. It works even when dropped, and keeps chugging along in heat, cold, snow, mud or rain. It also comes with a built in SIM card with two years of free data and roaming services for 33 countries. The installation involves a simple 3-step setup procedure: download the application, register and then add your Trax. Moreover, geofencing can be scheduled, for example, between 8AM to 2PM during school hours with this device.
This device also uses an intelligent algorithm that updates the location of the device in real time. As a versatile device allowing threading onto belts, straps or collars, attaching onto clothes with silicone clips, and a lanyard, it allows standard USB-adapters to be used for charging the device

SkyNanny 1.0 GPS Child Tracker


The SkyNanny 1.0 tracker is more suited to Android users. With the appropriate app, you can see your child’s location in real time on a map. As of now, there is still no app for iPhone or iPad. This graphical app does not depend on servers, unlike other manufacturers. It can provide directions to the child, has a panic button and low battery alerts. The service is good, and there is a money-back guarantee

Caref GPS Phone Watch

A very handy and cute device to capture children’s attention, this tracker also provides your children with a useful mobile phone that can be used to make or receive phone calls. Its amazing features include real time GPS tracking, texting option to the watch phone, live tracking with phones and tablets and setting a Geo-fence or a safe zone boundary for the child. If the child happens to go outside the perimeter of this virtual fence, you will be notified immediately A monthly data subscription plan is required.

LiveTrac PT-10 GPS Tracker

A handy gadget to have, this model is simple to setup and easy to use. No installable software is required for this model. It is an entirely web based system that transmits data on location every 10 seconds while you are driving, and every 20 feet while you are walking. Its battery life is extended by internal motion sensor and it is a very small and tidy device, measuring only 2.28″W x 3.9″L x 0.90″D.

Amber Alert GPS Locator

Another neat device, it is small and compact and allows you to contact your child via the call feature. It comes with a mini USB charger. Its app allows you to track the child, and locations are updated every 5 minutes. You can save 1 SOS number for emergencies on your child’s device so that he can call you anytime he needs

Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker

When it comes to comfort and reliability of tracking, Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker is undeniably a top choice. It’s compact, it’s lightweight, and it’s free for the first year of service. Amongst its most notable features are worldwide coverage – anywhere in the world where there is cellular network reception, this device can be tracked via an app or the web, an SOS button that can send the location of the device via email, SMS or the phone app, and instant, real time tracking provided by GPS and GSM services.
Though the number of text messages is capped at 10 per month, you can activate Smart Alerts to receive SMS, email or app notifications for a whole range of situations – change of location, speeding above limits set by you, or even sudden movements and impacts. The log maintains a history of the device’s locations for up to one year. You can also set a distance limit for each device easily with its user friendly interface.

ANDROSET GPS Tracker Watch For Children with Two-Way Audio

This cute device is just right for most children with all its handy and convenient features packing quite a punch. It provides real-time monitoring of the device’s location, from anywhere, anytime and comes with an emergency SOS button that allows instant notification to parents or friends. It is accurate to within 10 metres, and can send a message to the device and connect instantly, without having the child receive any call. It’s a very useful feature in times of emergencies.
On the other hand, it works with AT&T and T-Mobile, but not on Verizon. Geofencing allows you to draw virtual perimeters. When the perimeter is crossed by the children, you are notified immediately. Two-way audio allows both the children and you to talk to each other. The device allows multiple relatives to track the child’s whereabouts at the same time.

Pocketfinder GPS Child Tracker for iOS and Android

Apart from its likeable design and appearance, what makes this tracker stand out is the overall comfort and ease provided by this tracker. You can locate and monitor your child’s location, and manage all functions from your computer, phone or tablet. You can obtain real time monitoring of the child’s location and track entry and exit from pre-defined geofence. It comes with a free pocketfinder app for tracking whereabouts of the child, its battery lasts 48 hours and it immediately alerts you if the child wanders out of the geofence.

Oxking Mini Child GPS Bracelet and Watch

It’s a very useful device, with an attractive design and numerous functions. Most users would find it a worthy purchase. Its SOS emergency button allows the child to contact you in emergencies. Two additional buttons also exist for speed dialing family and friends. The watch phone can receive messages, but sending messages with the device is not possible. Other features include geofence, music and video player, tracking by GPS/LBS base station and alarm clock.

Gotor Mini Kid’s watch with GPS

This is a very nifty multifunctional GPS tracker that can be worn as a watch and used as a bracelet at the same time. What is most appreciable is it supports remote monitoring and anti-theft tracking. With only a one-way microphone, it may not be as useful as a two-way audio device, but still a decent choice. It can save 6 emergency numbers and has a standby time of 50 hours. It allows the child to call you, but you cannot call back and supports GPS positioning. You get a 3 months warranty.

Which of these 10 best children’s GPS trackers is best for me?

Deciding the best kids’ GPS tracker for children out of these 10 is not a hard task. Moreover, it’s very likely that you will find what you need in the above list. In the unlikely event that you don’t, then you can search for other devices with the functionalities that you desire and voila! You are good to go.