10 Best GPS Trackers for Cats

10 Best GPS Trackers for Cats

Keeping a tab on your favorite pet, be it a cat or something else, calls for the acquisition of one of the best GPS trackers for cats in the market. You may want to keep a tab on them for a number of reasons, but whatever your personal reasons for choosing to buy not just a GPS tracker but the very best GPS tracker in the market may be, you need to research thoroughly before taking the plunge.

eTrak PetTrak GPS cat tracker

One of its biggest draws is its ease of installation. It is also easy to use. Once the device has been attached to the collar of your cat, you can track it all day long with a smartphone, PC or tablet. On top of that, it offers text and email alerts and it is waterproof. Its design may attract buyers’ attention.

Garmin T5 GPS Collar for cats

Both a GPS and a GLONASS (Russian version of the same thing) network is available with this device, meaning that both networks can be used for real time tracking. This model can work up to 10 metres under water where the atmospheric pressure is equivalent to 11 atmospheres. With a battery life of 20 to 40 hours, it works with both the Garmin Astro 320 and the Garmin Alpha 100. Its price is worth it if you want some of the most consistent level of service of any device in the market.

AJ2-LOC8TOR Lite Locator cat tracker


The AJ2-LOC8TOR Lite pet tracker for cats offers you directional capabilities, while only weighing 5 grams, and measuring a very comfortable 30.5mm (H) x 19.5mm (W) x 8.5mm (D). What does directional capability mean? This is simply your ability to make a complete rotation along a circle, and then to walk along the direction which indicates the strongest signal on the device. That’s how simple it really is.
Not only is its accuracy of an inch or 2.5 cm amazing, but it works irrespective of where you are, no matter whether you are inside your home or office, or outside. It does not matter whether you are out in the sun and basking in the warmth of sunlight, or whether you are holed up in some dark corner of your dungeon, the device can help you out and find your cat.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

This great device from Tractive works in more than 80 countries of the world, and it works with iPhones, Androids and web browsers. What makes it a particularly strong candidate is not just the fact that it is compact in size and lightweight by design, but that you can recharge the battery in only 2 hours and rest assured for the next 2 to 5 days. That’s how long the battery lasts on a single full recharge.
Amongst its unique features is the Tractive Safe Zone that allows you to receive notifications once your cat leaves the predetermined Safe Zone. You can track your cat in real time and the device is waterproof. No hidden fees and no texting charges are also likeable features. No SIM card needs to be bought. You won’t need a contract either, because Tractive comes with an integrated SIM chipi.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker stands out because of its feature known as Activity Tracking. This feature allows you to decide more effectively about your pet’s healthy activities and about its exercise habits. Veterinarians recommended around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise for many pets, including cats. Activating geofence can alert you every time your cat oversteps the virtual boundary. It is not recommended for cats weighing under 10 lbs.
The app for iPhones and Androids is an award winning one.

TK-STAR Real Time GPS Cat Tracker

What makes the TK-Star real timeii GPS pet tracker stand out, from the various outstanding features that it has, is the longevity of its battery. It lasts an astounding 10 days, equivalent to 240 hours. And it can also provide free and real time tracking accurate to 5 metres with its GSM and GPS. A number of nylon options exist for the pet collar, that you can customize according to the requirements of your cat.
You can setup the virtual fence, or Geofence, that alerts you whenever the cat goes out of its limits. You can enable voice monitoring, and setup alerts for cases like low battery power and overspeeding.

Whistle GPS cat tracker

It’s easy to discover your lost pet. You can activate a Whistle Zone according to your needs, and whenever the cat steps outside of it, you will be alerted. For most GPS trackers for cats, nowadays, that is a standard feature. The difference is that you can use both GPS and cellular technology for tracing your pet, and additionally, you can also monitor your cat’s physical activities.
If you monitor you cat’s activities, it will help you in monitoring its behavior and health. It’s most suited for pets that are over 15 lbs. The light and sturdy, waterproof device helps you monitor your cat’s activities and location over the web and on your smartphones. It’s a pretty decent choice by all means.

Gibi GPS cat locator

The Gibi GPS cat and pet locator stands out because you can easily attach it to any of your cat’s collars. It is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and provides real time web based tracking. You can set up geofences or Safe zones for your cats, and like with most other GPS cat trackers, you will receive alerts once the cat breaches the boundaries of that zone. Using its one-click button, you can also find your cat’s location and directions.

AGPtEK mini GPS cat tracker for iPhones

One is tempted to think that the most amazing aspects of the model are the high accuracy and the free app for tracking the cat. You can track your cat to an accuracy of 5 metrs on your computer, cell phone, iOS or Android device. It is small. It is lightweight, and it works under extremely hot and cold temperatures and extremes of humidity. Its dimensions are 7cm x 3.7cm x 2cm. You can locate your cat and monitor it over the internet or using text. Receive alerts, use a map or get directions for driving to your cat’s current location with this very useful device.

ATian GPS cat tracker

The ATian GPS cat tracker is waterproof. It provides an SOS button for emergency calls and for automatic dialing. It is sleek, versatile and tiny. For Androids 2.3 and above, and for iOS 4.0 and above, smartphones can be easily used with this device. With Google Map, you can track the location of the cat easily. The GPS is accurate to 5 metres at best, and 15 metres at worst, usually. A minimum accuracy of 100 to 1000 metres is guaranteed for base station location. For the GPS, it uses a highly sensitive ceramic antenna, and for the GSM, it uses the four-frequency PIFA antenna.
It is only 1.59 cm thick and only 4.55 cm in diameter, surprisingly enough.

Which of these 10 best cat GPS trackers is best for me?
It’s not always a simple thing to decide the best GPS cat tracker out of these top 10. Most probably, you can find what you need in the above list. Even if you don’t, which is very unlikely but still possible, you can look around or search the internet to find the most suitable, affordable, versatile and convenient – in other words, the very best GPS cat tracker for your cat.