10 Best Emergency Flashlights Reviews

Whether it is a power outage at home or you need light while camping out with your friends and family. It is always a smart idea to keep emergency lights with you every time you head out for an expedition. They are useful for looking around for stuff in the dark and generally prevent you from stumbling. Hence, you should always have emergency power, this is why keeping an emergency light handy is a smart idea. Keep in mind that having non-rechargeable batteries might mean you will have to replenish your emergency kit with fresh batteries often. Here are top ten picks for the best emergency lights.

1. Xtreme Bright Solar Lantern

Xtreme Bright Solar Lantern
This two in one storage bottle and emergency light is USB chargeable. It has three light modes, low, high and blinking. The great thing about it is that if you do not have a power source it will easily be charged by solar energy. It floats in water and can be used in order to store items like a phone, water or even keys. It is collapsible so that it can easily fit into a glove compartment. It is a great little portable light great for hiking, camping or fishing.

2. Led Camping Lantern and Flashlight

Led Camping Lantern and Flashlight
This durable water resistant lantern is exceptionally handy. It is one of the smallest lights in the market and hence is great for storage. Being water resistant it is not only a great choice for adventures out in the woods but is also suitable during natural disasters like storms and tornados; it is easy to carry and can help in signalling danger.

3. TaoTronics Camping Lantern

TaoTronics Camping Lantern
This lantern is a must have for camping purposes. It has several handy features like it can be hung making it easy for campers to utilize it by fixing it up on a tree or inside the tent. Another great thing about this is its brightness; it is bright enough to allow you to read inside your tent at night. Its exterior is made out of military grade materials making it resistant towards various elements. It is easy to use and is small, sturdy and portable.

4. Senyoo Portable Mini LED

Senyoo Portable Mini LED
This portable light is great because it is easily chargeable and a time charge enables it to give you many 400 hours of uninterrupted light. The different light modes are low, medium, high and flashing. The torch is equipped with a special magnetic quality which ensures that it sticks to any metallic thing nearby, giving you full use of your hands as you to try to navigate. Its special material dissipates heat which makes it amazingly affordable as well.

5. LED Magnetic Base Emergency Flashlight

LED Magnetic Base Emergency Flashlight
This all-weather flashlight is great for you to carry around. It has a small size and is very handy. You can use it in order to change a flat tire or look around for stuff in the dark. It is an essential light assistant to bring with you on camping trips.

6. Etekcity Portable Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Etekcity Portable Rechargeable Camping Lantern
This waterproof and weather resistant flashlight can illuminate dark spaces to a complete 360 degrees with its 180 lumens. The battery is rechargeable with a USB portable charger and has multiple light modes. This make it a great equipment for emergency signaling. It comes with the power of 15 white led bulbs and 6 red led bulbs.

7. Solar Camping LED Lantern Flashlight

Solar Camping LED Lantern Flashlight
This nifty little device can be charged via a charger or solar power. The handy collapsible and portable design makes it great for you to take with on all outdoor activities. The four light modes can be used differently in order to preserve power and even send SOS signals. The great thing about this device is that it can be used to charge your smartphones and gadgets because it, itself has an extended battery life.

8. enKo Products 3300mAh Rechargeable Powerbank

enKo Products 3300mAh Rechargeable Powerbank
The Led bulbs and different modes on this power lamp make it energy and battery efficient. It gives off enough light to illuminate even the darkest of spaces and the accompanying clips make it easy to hang in a tent or a tree. It is small sized and compact and this makes it portable enough to be taken everywhere.

9. SingleOwl Hammock By Wise Owl

SingleOwl Hammock By Wise Owl
Did you read this right> Yes you did! This little light is a hammock and a light all rolled into one while being as small as a grapefruit. it weighs no more than 400 grams. Hang your hammock with a tree and set up your light, to do some stargazing.

10. Daxpoo Magnetic Solar Led

Daxpoo Magnetic Solar Led
The light has ten small led bulbs that provide up to 90 lumens of light. One of its best features is that it is waterproof and can work for anywhere between 6 and 12 hours once it has been fully charged. It can even be adjusted to 2 different levels of brightness.

Make sure you purchase one of these great lights that comprise of one of the essentials in emergency situations.