10 Best Color Security Cameras

10 Best Color Security Cameras

What are the 10 best color security cameras, and why do people need security cameras at all, in the first place? Everybody wants to enjoy safety and security at their home, office and everywhere else. Installing CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras helps people conduct surveillance on their homes, offices, and other places of importance, and that way, at least, crime rates can be reduced drastically. Such recordings can be evidentiary material in court against the criminal. In short, there are tons of reasons for you to install security cameras at your home or office. Here’s our pick of the 10 best color security cameras.

Foscam FI8910W

The distinguishing feature of Foscam FI8910W is its embedded IR-Cut filter. It delivers precisely colored images that do not look washed out. The prominent qualities of this model are improved audio quality, two-way audio – that allows you to talk from afar with people at your home – as well as motion sensorsi, remote viewing and recording over the internet, with a great pan and tilt option to boot.
Embedded IR Cut-off filter for enhanced images. Wider horizontal panning range. 2 year warranty.
Two-way audio monitoring, remote pan and tilt control (pan:300° & tilt:120°). IR-LED for night-vision, valid for up to 8 metres, easily controlled.
Remote viewing via local network or internet. Recordable from your phone, or anywhere else, anytime.
Motion detection warning via email. Upload image via FTP. Compatible with Blue Iris app.
Supports all standard browsers, smartphones, Wi-Fi compliant (IEEE 802.11b/g), supports WEP & WPA WPA2 Encryption.

Swann SWDVK-825558-US


This model can record uninterrupted for more than 15 days at a stretch onto a sizable 500GB hard drive. If motion detector is activated, then even longer periods of surveillance can be conducted at one go.
Easily customizable network configuration in its DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
Transfer of incident video by USB, eSATA or network to your computer
Convenient surveillance on smartphones, and remote notification by email
Up to 65 feet nightvision capability

D-Link DCS-930L

With a high quality VGA CMOS sensor for excellent quality of images, and motion and sound detection options, D-Link DCS-930L packs quite a punch. Its notable features include:
Motion detection, sound detection, high quality images with VGA CMOS sensor
Easy installation options with wireless 802.11n/g/b connection. It comes with WPS support for easy wireless connection, UPnP and DDNS support.
Easy to configure image size, quality, frame rate, time stamp and text overlays. There are also configurable motion detection windows.

Belkin WeMo Netcam

Wide angle lens and IR Cut-off filter are stand out qualities of this particular model. It is also easy to install: no computer is needed, a smartphone or a tablet would be good enough for the setup.
Secure connection to the secure servers of Netcam HD+
Two-way audio allowing conversations to be held
Easy installation
Night vision filter
Subscription to Cloud+Premium services allows video clips to be saved in the cloud, and notifications to be sent every time any motion is sensed to your smartphone or tablet. No computer is needed for setup either.
Works with WeMo family of products for easily controlling home electronics using Wi-Fi and mobile network.
Wide-angle lens allows you to view large rooms from one spot
Infrared vision allows recording of events anytime

Logitech Alert 700i Indoor 961-000330 Camera

The particularly impressive features of this model include its relatively easy setup, HD video, 130 degrees wide-angle lens, and motion triggered video and recording. Disadvantages include lack of backward compatibility with WiLife Digital Security Systems from Logitech, and necessity of using Windows based PC. It’s a good purchase for quite a hefty sum if you consider the following:
Access videos of your home from anywhere, anytime using a mobile phone, computer or the internet
HD video allows far superior facial recognition than VGA or analogue IP cameras
Wide-angle lens of 132 degrees
Hassle-free setup. Mount the camera and plug it in, and that’s it
Upon detection of motion, automatic notifications are sent to your phone or e-mail
DVR recording of up to 2GB on the microSD card
Install up to 6 indoor or outdoor cameras

Sony SNC-CH180 Network 720p HD Bullet Camera

For the high price that you have to pay, you get an extremely high HD 720p resolution camera, with dynamic range View-DR and IR Illuminator. In the dark of night, you can view objects up to 15 metres, or 49 feet, away with its IR illuminators, and with XNDR (excellent dynamic noise reduction) feature for producing clear images in low light without motion blur, it is a top pick amongst the best 10 security cameras in the market today. Some reasons you might want to purchase this camera are:
Picture quality at 720p (pixels) HD (High Definition), maximum resolution of 1208 x 1024
Superior dynamic range with the new View-DR technology
IR illuminators allow visuals of objects at night up to 15 metres, or 49 feet, away
XNDR technology produces clearer images without motion blur in low light

Q-See QM4803B-2

Though it is not a digital cameraii, as you can see from the fact that it uses TVL (TV Lines) to describe the clarity or resolution of images captured, it is still a good purchase. What are some of the major draws?
It is compatible with any Q-See DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is considered weatherproof (measures instated for snow, rain, heat and other extremes in weather)
At night, it can also capture black and white images with its 24 LEDs within 50 feet
Easy to install and operate

Tenvis TZ100 H.264 720p HD P2P Pan&Tilt Wireless IP/Network Nightvision Camera

What makes this model stand out? Higher resolution (at 1 Mega pixels), HD quality images, P2P (peer to peer) connection for easy setup and configuration, two-way audio and multiple camera setup available on traditional browsers, and accessibility from smartphones.
HD quality, 1 Megapixel camera, at 1280 x 720 resolution.
Supports Micro SD card
P2P (peer to peer) enabled for easy setup and configuration
Two-way audio and multiple camera setup available on chrome, firefox and safari
Accessible from iphone and with Android apps
Motion sensor can be activated to allow for recording only when motion is sensed

Uniden Appcam23 Camera

Weatherproof, nightvision equipped, high quality imaging – all these features in one model, that’s what we can find in this Uniden Appcam23 camera.
Crisp videos captured using high quality H.264 video camera, at 30 frames per second – that is, 30 still images are taken every second – and has motion sensors in place
Remote access for videos, both live and recorded
At night, range of up to 25 feet for image capture
Protected against rain or snow
32GB worth of videos on Micro SD card (Micro SD card needs to be purchased separately)
Simple plug and play setup, with P2P (peer to peer) connection, can be connected via WiFi or directly to router

Zmodo PKD-DK4216

A bargain for an all-round, high-quality security camera, this model provides a slew of handy options too hard to ignore:
Network access and live view on smartphones and remote computers
H.264 Hardware compression
Color CMOS camera
Night vision up to 30 feet
Easy backup options for footage, from hard drive to USB
Motion detection capability
Passwords to prevent unauthorized viewing of footage

What camera out of these top 10 is best for me?
It is easy to get lost in the avalanche of information regarding some of the very best models of cameras.
With the list of 10 best color security cameras above, you can’t possibly go wrong when deciding which security camera to buy.