10 Best Coleman LED Lantern Reviews

10 Best Coleman LED Lantern Reviews

The below discussion aims to provide information on the 10 best Coleman LED lantern reviews. The Coleman brand is regarded as a good brand that sells LED lanterns.

Coleman Quad LED Lantern

1. Coleman Quad LED Lantern
There are four separate light panels that are able to snap onto a precise single lantern. The four amazing removable LED panels are able to hold precisely 24 LED lights total. This lantern is powered by batteries that are 8 D-cell ones. The lanterns runtime is 75 hours and the panel’s runtime is 1.5 hours. There are 190 extra-bright vital lumens that you will get with the lantern. The panel has 47.5 precise bright lumens each. You can also get a personal flashlight by popping any four lights specifically off the base. You can recharge them by placing them back upon the base particularly for hands-free light.
Every panel is a specific fully functioning light having six 5mm handy white LEDs along with a rechargeable type of NiMH battery, plus an on/off switch that is independent, moreover a top handle that can be used for carrying or even hanging. Looking at the handy NiMH battery that is able to recharge precisely when stored within this lantern’s base, it is able to give 1.5 hours of light specifically on its own. You will need 8 D-cell batteries for the lantern base. There is a main useful on/off switch that is found at the top of this lantern. 26 feet is the light range of this lantern. This lantern claims to have cool-running LEDs. The diffused lenses limit LED glare. This lantern is water resistant precisely against rain along with splashing.

Coleman Twin LED Lantern

2. Coleman Twin LED Lantern
There are two vital super-bright amazing Cree XLamp XR-E LED type of bulbs which give wonderful light. There is a handy rotary dimmer switch to adjust the light setting. You will get amazing customizable brightness settings that are from high going to ultra-low. You will be able to get 390 extra-bright lumens when this lantern is on high, and 100 bright lumens when it is on low. The beam distance when this lantern is on high will be 32-ft, on low it will be 19-ft. This lantern is able to run for 85 hours when on the high setting and 299 hours when on the low setting. You will need 8 D-cell batteries for this lantern. This lantern tends to remain cool whilst running. It is water resistant to rain as well as splashing water. The fluorescent tubes have mercury (Hg) therefore need to be recycled or even disposed of in accordance to the local, federal as well as state laws. This lantern’s precise durable housing claims to be weather-resistant.

4D CPX6 High-Tech Lantern

3. 4D CPX6 High-Tech Lantern
The Cree XLamp XR-E LED is able to shed an amazing 190 lumens specifically of light. You will get till 300 hours runtime when this lantern is on low. This lantern tends to be Coleman CPX6 compatible. It needs 4 D batteries to work. The interchangeable precise 6V CPX6 specific rechargeable battery pack can also be employed. The twin reflectors on this lantern are able to efficiently maximize light output along with coverage. A useful diffuser tube is able to eliminate LED glare. There is a rubberized light adjustment dial. You will get a rotating dial specifically for handy fully adjustable light intensity. This LED lantern is rugged as well as weather-resistant. A customer claims that this lantern gives off not very much light.

CPX6 Rugged LED Lantern

4. CPX6 Rugged LED Lantern
You have the choice of utilizing 4 D batteries or even employing the handy rechargeable CPX 6 precise power cartridge. This lantern tends to therefore be CPX system compatible. The bright LED tends to run for around 25 hours when it is on high. It will go for 50 hours when it is on low. The diffuser tube gives an amazing beam pattern as well as limits glare. The lanterns durable plus rugged body tends to be weather-resistant. There is a handy grip handle that can be employed for carrying as well as hanging this lantern. You can expect this lantern to remain cool when it is running. This lantern claims to be impact-resistant. You will get a high impact type of polystyrene cover as well as base. This lantern’s 350 ultra-bright amazing lumens are able to beam higher than around 30 feet when on the high setting. This lantern is water resistant also.

Coleman Duo Lantern

5. Coleman Duo Lantern
This lantern is effectively CPX® 6 compatible. You can employ 4D cell batteries if you want or even one handy rechargeable cartridge so as to power this lantern. You need to get these. This lanterns beam distance tends to be 10 meters when looking at the lantern, and 8 meters when considering the light panel. You will get two handy lanterns within one. When you are in lantern mode you will get 56 hours of handy runtime. When you remove the rechargeable panel from the charging base, every rechargeable panel then runs till 2 hours. You will get 175 lumens from the lantern. The light panel has 75 lumens. The useful wide handle openings are able to accommodate your work gloves. This lanterns tough polycarbonate lenses are able to limit damage. Every lantern panel contains an individual handy on/off switch. The option of a lantern foldout foot lets individual panels be able to stand alone. You can employ this lantern when going camping and also for power outages.

10 Best Coleman LED Lantern Reviews: Coleman 8D Family Size

6. 10 Best Coleman LED Lantern Reviews Coleman 8D Family Size
This indoor as well as outdoor lantern that is a battery-operated handy LED lantern containing low, high along with nightlight settings. You will get till 170 lumens when this lantern is on the high setting. The useful conical reflector is able to give a good area that gets illuminated. You can expect this lantern to run for around 66 hours when it is on low. When it is on high it can run for around 32 hours specifically with 8 D batteries that you will need to get. It claims to have a handy weather-resistant amazing ABS housing moreover a snug fit type of clear globe plus the chrome-plated awesome rhino guard. The helpful cool-touch type of LED tends to not get very hot when you employ this lantern for much time. There is a handy bail handle. This lantern also has a useful overlapping ventilator top.

Coleman Easy Hanging Lantern CPX 6

7. Coleman Easy Hanging Lantern CPX 6
You can run this on either 4 D batteries or even the handy Coleman CPX 6 vital rechargeable power cartridge. This lantern has a handle which lets you hang it from practically any item as well as in several orientations, also sideways. When you employ it at precisely 200 lumens, this lanterns runtime will be around 65 hours. You will get 80 lumens when you put this lantern in the low setting and it will tend to run for around 155 hours. The beam distance when this lantern is on high will be 26.25 ft., and 16.4 ft. when it is on low. It has impact resistant helpful rubber contact points along with the handy polycarbonate globe which is rather durable. This lantern can be regarded as a vital cordless along with hands-free type of light. This lantern has an adjustable kind of hook-and-loop strap which lets you handle the position that the lantern will shine. You will get a rubber, molded type of base along with shatter-resistant type of polycarbonate lens. This lantern tends to run rather cool. This is a water resistant type of lantern. Some customers claim that this lantern is not able to produce too much light.

Micro Packer LED Lantern

8. Micro Packer LED Lantern
This lantern has an amazing 2-in-1 type of snap design which is able to make the lantern become a flashlight. This lantern has been designed in such a way so as to be lightweight, it is nearly 6 oz. when it has its batteries also. You will get 100 lumens with this lantern and a runtime of around 24 hours. This lantern has an IPX4 type of water-resistant design. A customer has complained about its low lumen output.

Pack-Away 105 L/Mini

9. Pack Away 105 L Mini
This LED lantern has a patented pack-away type of design that allows this lantern to become half its size precisely for compact storage. The amazing Intematix technology is able to give you bright light that does not have glare. This lantern has a durable along with shatter-resistant type of polycarbonate globe. It also has a useful shock-resistant type of outer shell. You will get 3 modes, i.e. high, low plus flashing. The lumens on high will be 105 and on low will be 20. This lantern is 8 oz. when you have the batteries in.

Coleman Micro Quad Mini

10. Coleman Micro Quad Mini
You will get four removable type of micro-lights. This lantern has a versatile type of design to precisely hang them, or clip them along with magnetically stick them. You will get color shields that are changeable, i.e. in orange, green, red plus blue. The amazing four colored lenses are stored within the base. You can simply clip them upon each pod. The handy micro-lights tend to be powered with rechargeable coin-cell batteries. The lantern is powered with four AA-cell type of batteries. The lantern is able to give 77 lumens with around 32 hours specifically of runtime. Every separate detachable micro-light has 16 lumens with around 9.75 hours specific runtime. You will get four amazing lights in one. You can employ the handy four detachable light pods by themselves. They all have their own precise on/off switch. Every pod supports a handy pocket clip, magnet as well as elastic rubber loop. The battery area of this lantern has received some customer complaints, that it is not efficiently made.

A LED lantern is a handy item to take with you especially when going camping. Coleman sells many other items including air beds, furniture, sleeping bags, and much more. You can employ LED lanterns also within your home, for instance when the power has gone. The Coleman line sells some amazing LED lanterns that you can see from the above 10 best Coleman LED lantern reviews.