10 Best 500 Lumen Flashlight Reviews

After 50 hours of research we believe we have found the 10 best 500 lumen flashlights. A lumen is the unit of light measurement. It is commonly used to address how bright the light of a lamp is. Simply put, the higher the lumen count the brighter the lamp will be. When you go out to purchase a flashlight or a lamp you need to check the lumen count. Higher lumen counts are essential for camping trips or for events that involve you heading out into the mountains after dark. For example if you purchase a lamp to go out camping, then none of your light dependent activities will be limited if you carry a lamp with 500 lumens with you.

1. Olight S1 Baton Waterproof Flashlight Cree Xm-l2

Olight S1 Baton Waterproof Flashlight Cree Xm-l2
This 500 lumen flashlight is made of one of the sturdiest materials you could wish for. The decorative blue ring is not just to look pretty but also adds some extra protection in case of potential scratches. It is dust proof and also waterproof if immersed in water up to 2 meters. Such a flashlight is especially useful in times of emergency, such as hurricanes.

2. InForce 9VX Flashlight

InForce 9VX Flashlight
This InForce flashlight also packs the power of 500 lumens and comes with a tail clip so that you can easily carry it around with you when you are up and about in the dark. It ensures complete protection during your lengthy camping trips by providing bright uninterrupted light for hours.

3. Xtar WK21 METEOR

With the intensity of 500 lumens and the beam distance of 100 meters, this flashlight is great for people who run search and rescue missions. The peak beam intensity is 2500cd and the maximum runtime of the torch is 29 hours and 30 minutes to be exact.

4. DecakerĀ® Tactical LED Flashlight Kit (TK501B)

Decaker Tactical LED Flashlight Kit TK501B
This flashlight is perfect for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. It has a brightness of 500 lumens and is made from the best alloys and metals possible providing it with perfect resistance towards harsh elements. The torch is great for one handed operations because it provides single button user interface.

5. Solarforce LC-XML CREE T6

Solarforce LC-XML CREE T6
This torch with a smooth aluminum reflector has the power of 500 lumens. Its portable size makes it perfect to take it out for camping and also for emergencies.

6. Surefire E2D LED Defender

Surefire E2D LED Defender
Great for outdoor purposes because of its virtually indestructible lens, this torch has an output of 500 lumens. The runtime of this torch is 2.25 hours. The most prominent feature of this torch is that it is weatherproof. The torch is great for people who go for camping, fishing or hiking on a regular basis. This is the perfect tool for the great outdoors.

7. IntsunĀ®-Aluminum-Flashlight-powered-battery

This torch has the output of 500 lumens while being a sturdy and weatherproof gadget. The light focus is adjustable so it is versatile and can be used for many different things. It has three switch modes namely high, low and strobe making it great for emergency signaling as well.

8. New Indestructible 500 Lumen Spotlight

New Indestructible 500 Lumen Spotlight
The 500 lumen spotlight is great for when you have to go out for hunting with your family or friends. It is of great use if you are in a dense forest or the woods after dark. It allows you vivid viewing despite the time of night.

9. SureFire P2X Fury Dual-Output LED

SureFire P2X Fury Dual-Output LED
This particular flashlight has been specially made for hunters. It comes with a mount making it easy to be attached to a shotgun. The led emitter adjusts the lighting to whatever the optimum one is for you in your setting. The precision emitter provides the hunter with an ultra-smooth beam. The battery life changes with the how much light you use.

10. Nitecore EC25 COBRA

Nitecore EC25 COBRA
The Nite Core cobra is one of the best 500 lumen LED lights in the market. It has a maximum output of 960 lumens. It is waterproof up to 2 meters. It is also impact resistance for up to 1.5 meters. The torch is sold with a key change, a charger and also its very own lithium ionic battery.
A good flashlight is the essential element of every trip. It is not only essential for you to take with yourself when you go out of the house but also for emergencies. Your flashlight should definitely be a part of your emergency kit in the house as well as the one which you carry in your car because it is always better to be prepared for any and all circumstances. Ensure that you purchase a flashlight for emergencies if you have not already gotten one.