10 Best Shake Flashlight Reviews

If you are going to a camping trip and do not want to carry flashlight batteries then a shake flashlight is a great, feasible and long lasting alternate for you. This type of torch derives its power from kinetic energy. This means that the torch powers itself after a quick shake lighting up after. The time you get after each shake depends on your torch. A more expensive torch of this kind is practically more feasible because the light is powered only by the shake and has no battery support. Following are 10 of the most well-received shake.

1. Walter Drake Hybrid Shake Flashlight

Walter Drake Hybrid Shake Flashlight
The Walter Drake flashlight has the capability to provide the user with 100,000 hours of light. The torch can store energy for up to a period of a month and will give you 4 minutes of lights with only 30 seconds of shaking. It also has three different light settings.

2. Aircraft Tool Supply Battery less Kinetic Flashlight

Aircraft Tool Supply Battery less Kinetic Flashlight
This flashlight is great to take out for camping and for power outages. The tiny price tag adds to its advantageous features and makes it affordable to be used in every room of the house so that if there is an emergency no one is left hanging in the dark.

3. Night Star JP Flashlight

Night Star JP Flashlight
This shake feature flashlight is powered by the latest StarCore LED technology. A 30 second shake enables it to give you 15 minutes of light. This is one of the best shake flashlights in the market.

4. Klenk DA84170 Kinetic Shake Flashlight

Klenk DA84170 Kinetic Shake Flashlight
The Klenk is a pack of two flashlights and is the product of cutting edge technology. The torch has three bulbs that provide the user with the maximum intensity light and special optical beams ensure that the light is tightly packed let out in the form of a strong beam. The torch has a special technology that switch off bulbs in order to conserve energy. A 30 second shake provides you with light for half an hour with a single bulb and 20 minutes with all three bulbs.

5. NightStar 3 Shake Flashlight Green LED

NightStar 3 Shake Flashlight Green LED
This battery less torch is operated with a gold capacitor. The illumination range of the watch is 16 meters. This is a state of the art flashlight that is also waterproof and can function to a depth of 200 feet.

6. Survival Shake 911

Survival Shake 911
This torch needs no battery and is effectively waterproof. This is great if you want to give to your kids to put in their backpacks when they are out of the house after dark. It is a reliable solution to all your darkness related problems.

7. iTouchless Forever Last Flashlight DLX

iTouchless Forever Last Flashlight DLX
This nifty little flashlight is great to take on boats and campers. Just 15 to 30 seconds of shaking gives you up to 5 minutes of bright illumination. You will never need any assisting bulbs or batteries with this little wonder at hand.

8. Tipsy LED Flashlight
Tipsy LED Flashlight
This little flashlight can even double up as a nightlight and is great to put on your bedside table. The weighted bottom feature of this flashlight cum bed side lamp makes sure that it does not fall over when you bump into the stand at night. It turns on at a simply shake or even a tap and can provide you with up to 100,000 hours of continuous illumination.

9. Night Star JP Shake Flashlight

Night Star JP Shake Flashlight
This Night Star flashlight comes with the latest star core technology. It gives out 15000 mcad of illumination making it 50% brighter than its predecessors. Shake it just for 30 seconds and it will provide you with 15 minutes of bright light at a humble price.

10. Shaky Flashlight 3 LED

Shaky Flashlight 3 LED
This super LED flashlight is great for short term emergency use. Place it in the kitchen for when you want to sift through some dark cabinets or keep it with you in the car on when you stay outdoors for a weekend. This product comes in handy anywhere and everywhere. This torch gives 8 minutes of bright light after just one minute of rigorous shaking. It requires absolutely no batteries which is why it is an excellent source of backup power.

These shake powered flashlights are not just great for emergencies but they are also eco-friendly. They are great for trip in to the woods where people do not want to take batteries or travel heavy. These flashlights, unlike batteries, do not to be properly disposed off thus reducing the otherwise added hassle. Have a look at one of the top picks and pick one out from these nifty devices before you go camping the next time.